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Flavours of the world

Get your taste buds at the ready and learn about food from around the world in this global gastro gathering.
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You will need

  • Ingredients (see recipe card)
  • Paper cups
  • Knives
  • International foods
  • Napkins
Recipe card (Anzac biscuits)
PDF – 208.7KB
Recipe card (Ginger snaps)
PDF – 203.0KB
Recipe card (Onion bhajis)
PDF – 202.3KB

Foods to use

You can use anything from another country. If you’re struggling for ideas, it should be easy to find:

  • Croissant, madeleine cakes, brie, or camembert cheese from France.
  • Pakoras, onion bhajis, or plantain chips from India.
  • Kiwi fruit or pavlova from New Zealand.
  • Manchego cheese, olives, or tortilla (Spanish omelette) from Spain.

Before you begin

  • Gather your foods and cut them into bitesized pieces.
  • Put each food in a different bowl (or on a different plate).
  • Fill the cups with water.

Taste time

  1. Everyone should wash their hands.
  2. The person leading the activity should give everyone a napkin and a cup of water.
  3. The person leading the activity should show everyone the first food. Everyone should try to guess what it’s called, and describe how it looks.
  4. Everyone should take a piece, and describe how it feels to touch, and how it smells.
  5. Everyone should taste the food, and describe what it tastes like and what its texture is like in their mouth.
  1. Everyone should talk about the food, and the country it comes from. Is it a surprising that the food comes from that country? What other foods come from that country?
  2. Everyone should take a sip of water.
  3. Repeat steps two to seven until the group has tried and talked about all of the foods.


This activity helped to remind you that you’re a local, national, and international citizen. What food would represent your local area? How about your country? Which of the foods did you like the most? Do you think you’d like to visit another country and try the food there?

This activity was also a chance to try new things. Did you enjoy trying new things? How did you feel before you tried a food? What about afterwards? What made it easier to try new things—for example, did your friends encourage you, or did someone brave have a go first? Sometimes it can be scary to try something new, but when we give it a go it’s often not as bad as we think (even if it’s not our favourite). If you gave it a go and challenged yourself, well done!



Check for allergies before you begin. Make sure you have suitable areas for storing and preparing food and avoid cross contamination of different foods.

All activities must be safely managed. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.