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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

Discover what this means

Kindness in every community

Supported by British Red Cross

Request a speaker

Get in touch to request a speaker from the British Red Cross, to help you explore the theme of kindness in every community. Depending on availability and where your group is based, this could be a physical, virtual or pre-recorded session. 

Get in touch

Step one: identify the need

Be a top banana with a message of kindness

Explore the power of kindness, care and respect in this fruity message writing activity.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 20 mins

Write a message of kindness

Kindness rocks

Show how a kind message can make all the difference when helping someone and write one for a friend in need.

Ages: 4-10½| Takes: 1 hour

Run kindness rocks

Socially kind

Find out how older Scouts can use their social media for acts of kindness.                                          

Ages: 10½ - 18 | Takes: 1 hour

Be socially kind

Good deed discovery

Point out real acts of kindness and look at how we say ‘thank you’ to acknowledge good deeds.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 30 mins

Run good deed discovery

Someone like me

Explore different aspects of identity and how we all might have more in common than you might think with this thought-provoking activity.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 20 mins

Run someone like me

Kindness jars

Make a kindness jar to show someone how much you care about them.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 30 mins

Make a kindness jar

Step two: plan action

Combat loneliness with kindness - 1a

See what you know about loneliness in the UK as we explore how good company and kindness puts loneliness behind us.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 1 hour

Combat loneliness with kindness

The Power of Kindness- 2a

The British Red Cross use people’s kind gifts of time and money to help others. Find out how the BRC look out for you and me!                                                                   

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 1 hour 30 mins

Discover the power of kindness

Kindness in emergencies - 3a

Discover what you could do in a life or death situation and the importance of acting rather than stepping back.

Ages: 8-18 | Takes: 45 mins

Learn about kindness in emergencies

Who helps who? - 4a

Map kindness in your local community considering how you can show kindness to those who need it and encourage others to do the same.                                     

Ages: 4-10½ | Takes: 45 mins 

Discover how to encourage kindness

Emergency scenario bingo- 5a

How should we prepare for, act in and react to emergencies? Find out as we play some emergency-themed games.                                                                                  

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 1 hour

Make an emergency scenario bingo

Step three: take action

Company and kindness - 1b

How can people cope with loneliness? Develop a project to support people who are lonely in your community.

Ages: 4-18| Takes: 4 hours

Run company and kindness

Red Cross Code - 2b

Plan the details, then deliver a project to support the Red Cross and show the power of kindness.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 4 hours

Run Red Cross code

Bystander effect and first aid - 3b

Raise awareness of the bystander effect and first aid – don’t just walk on by.           

Ages: 6-18 | Takes: 1 hour

Learn about the bystander effect

Mapping kindness in your community - 4b

Bring your community together as you show kindness to those around you.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 1 hour

Map kindness in your community

Ready to respond - 5b

Help prepare your community to cope with an emergency.             

Ages: 6-18| Takes: 1 hour

Get ready to respond

Step four: learn and make more change

Become a kindness champion

Champion kindness by making a pledge to do something kind for others.              

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 1 hour 20 mins 

Become a kindness champion

Step five: tell the world

Kindness cache

Inspire others to take action by planting a kindness geocache.

Ages: 8-18 | Takes: 1 hour 30 mins

Plant a kindness cache

Make a kindness community display

Create a community display to shout about the power of kindness.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 1 hour 

Make a kindness community display

Spread kindness through local media

Boost the power of kindness by shouting about it in local media.

Ages: 8-18 | Takes: 1 hour

Spread kindness through local media

Share the kindness on social media

Use social media to shout about the power of kindness and spread the word.

Ages: 14-18 | Takes: 1 hour

Share the kindness on social media

Helping hands

Share a happy thought or motivating message with your helping hands.

Ages: 4-18 | Takes: 30 mins

Share a happy message


Protecting our environment

With a little help from our friends at WWF, we’re fighting to protect our environment while there’s still time – restoring thriving habitats, bringing species back from the brink, and tackling the root causes behind nature’s decline, such as climate change.

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Ending homelessness

Partnering with Crisis and Simon Community NI, we’re enhancing young people’s understanding of the many factors that contribute to homelessness, and showing them how they can help end the problem for good.

View activities about ending homelessness >
Supporting refugees and displaced children

We’re partnering with Save the Children to combat stereotypes, raise awareness of the issues displaced children face, build welcoming communities, and connect with Scouts in conflict-affected areas.

View activities for supporting refugees >
Better mental health for all

We’re working alongside Mind, SAMH and Inspire, to empower Scouts to take good care of their mental health, now and in the future.

View activities for better mental health >
Understanding disability

With support from the National Autistic Society, we’re helping our young people to become advocates for inclusion and build a more considerate world

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