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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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County DofE Advisers

County Duke of Edinburgh Award Adviser supports The Scouts, a Licensed Organisation, to deliver the award locally. Larger counties may have District Duke of Edinburgh’s Award adviser or multiple County DofE advisers (who may take on specific responsibilities such as administration, expeditions or district support).   

County Advisors should complete the County Advisors Training Course run by the DofE SASU. You can apply for the course here The Scouts DofE Training.

Responsibilities of the County DofE Adviser

Responsibilities could include: 

Supporting young people to take part (this may be facilitated through DofE Leaders and DofE advisers)  

  1. Supporting the promotion of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and links to the Scout Top Awards (Chief Scout’s PlatinumDiamond and King's Scout Award) 
  2. Purchase participation places and create a method for participants to register for their awards. Many Counties are now moving towards online sign up. 
  3. Ensure parents are aware of their responsibility to agree to activities that are done outside of Scouting and that insurance is in place 
  4. Support adult volunteers to help participants choose their programmes and set their timescales & goals, promoting suitable local opportunities. 
  5. Support adult volunteers to encourage use of eDofE by participants, regularly approving uploaded evidence and agreeing the completion of sections.
  6. Approve Bronze and Silver awards having completed the Award Verifier Training (or appoint an Award Verifier). Details of how you can apply can be found here DofE Adult volunteer training requirements Provide advice to leaders and participants on evidence required for Gold Awards.
  7. Pre-approve Residential Activities before they take place to ensure they comply with DofE guidelines.
  8. Arrange appropriate presentation of Gold Awards by the County Commissioner or at an appropriate event.  

Supporting leaders  

  1. Encourage leaders to take part in the DofE training modules available, including the Foundations Pathway, Delivering the DofE Pathway and Expedition Assessor and Supervisor Pathway. You can book these via the DofE Opportunity Finder
  2. Training from the DofE SASU is also available to volunteers.
  3. Support leaders to keep up to date with changes in the award.  
  4. Set up DofE groups and DofE Leaders on eDofE 
  5. Answer queries about the award in a timely manner. 
  6. Support the inclusion of young people with additional needs to complete the award.  

Supporting Expeditions 

  1. Ensure expeditions are run in accordance with the DofE Expedition Aim and Requirements
  2. Support affiliation of new expedition assessors and any questions about reaffiliation after 5 years.
  3. Ensure that all expeditions are registered and approved by the county, including the completion of relevant notification forms as required by Scouting and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  
  4. Support participants without a team to join up with other groups or districts.  
  5. Support the inclusion of young people with additional needs to complete their expedition, using the variation process as required. 
  6. Some counties may organise additional ‘open’ expedition opportunities, particularly at Silver & Gold level where needed.   

Quality Assurance and Strategy 

  1. In conjunction with Scout HQ and DofE Regional office, develop, implement and review a DofE development plan for your county.  
  2. Use the eDofE reporting function to monitor registrations and completions. 
  3. Monitor the quality of evidence on eDofE to ensure it shows evidence of regular participation and improvement, providing feedback to leaders as required. 


DofE Volunteer Roles

We need volunteers to help Young People to complete their DofE.

Discover the Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer Roles

Online Registration Form

Online form to help make signing up easier and faster in your area.

Add an online option for sign ups wherever you are

Residential Approval Form

Approval form to make sure Residentials meet the necessary requirements before participants spend the money on a residential.

Please make sure young people upload the form on their eDofE to help let verifiers know that the residential has been pre-approved.

Download the form