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Musical Performances



Musical performance groups can be a great way for a young person to develop a specific talent whilst taking part in a balanced programme of Scouting, as required by POR.

POR rule 9.22 must be followed and the below guidance is advised. The relevance of this will be determined by the kind of musical performance group being run.

Musical performance is performances where the performance is primarily that of an instrument(s) creating sound, including the voice. The musical performances toolkit can be found here.

Public performance is performance which may be viewed by those not the direct invitee of the participants or leaders involved.

This does include shows with public ticketing, whether free or paid for, as well as where the performance is part of a wider public display, on a one off basis (eg. community fair) but does not include performances with closed audiences (eg. carol singing at care homes) The relevant Commissioner, or their designate, has the ability to restrict the audience of any non-public performance. 

Staged performances are performances which may include musical performance alongside dance, drama and/or other staged art.

Download the full Toolkit.