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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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National Scout Active Support Units

There are a number of National Active Support Units which support various activities in Scouts across the UK and overseas.

Many provide support and resources available to Section Leaders and local Groups, while a few undertake specific specialised activities in partnership with UK Headquarter teams.

Here is a list of the current National Active Support Units with a brief description of the active support each Unit provides to Scouts.

The Unit provides support to the Sea Scout community with a primary focus on running the ‘big four’ annual events for the RN Recognised Sea Scouts.

Admiral Lord Nelson Website

The Amateur Radio Scout Active Support Unit exists to support Groups, Districts, Counties/Areas/Regions and events of all sizes with running amateur radio and electronics based activities, with special focus on helping with JOTA stations across the country.

Email Amateur Radio

Supporting members of Scouts and Girlguides in the Anglican Church and more widely, the Active Support Unit aims to provide practical help for Leaders; including ideas for faith and beliefs for use within the Programme.

Anglican Fellowship in Scouting & Guiding Website

Email Anglican Fellowship in Scouting & Guiding

Supporting members of Scouts and Girlguiding in the Methodist Church and more widely, the Active Support Unit aims to provide practical help for Leaders; including ideas for faith and beliefs for use within the Programme.

The support team organise and run the Trading Post shop on Brownsea Island and provide any support for visiting Scout Groups, as requested. Members also assist the National Trust Outdoor Centre staff in the maintenance and development of the campsite.

This Unit gathers all Bushscout UK instructors and provides support to Counties and Leaders countrywide to deliver structured and safe practical skills which includes Countryside awareness, Woodcraft, Bushcraft, Crafts, Bladed tool use, Campfire Cooking, Game Prep, Campcraft and Tomahawk Throwing Training. All members of the National Active Support Unit have achieved their instructor scarves through commitment, training, prior knowledge and assessment.

Members who have some connection with the sea (either serving, retired from, or related to a seafarer) can use their wealth of scouting and sailing experience to assist with any event large or small.

Deep Sea Scouts Website

Deep Sea Scouts Facebook

Deep Sea Scouts Twitter

This Unit gathers all trainers delivering DofE courses in England on behalf of Scouts.  It helps to coordinate and advertise training opportunities, as well as promote the DofE Award within Scouts.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Training Website

Email Duke of Edinburgh's Award Training

The Unit that actively supports the recruitment, retention and ongoing support of LGBT adults within Scouts in the UK.  This support extends to those already in Scouts or those considering joining the Scouts who are questioning their sexuality.

FLAGS Website

FLAGS Facebook

FLAGS Twitter


The International Scout Active Support Unit provides advice and support to leaders at all levels of UK Scouting in the running of international events and the delivery of the international & global programme, to maximise the opportunities available for youth members to experience all aspects of international Scouting safely.

International Support Team Website

Email the International Support Team

The King's Scout Working Party (KSWP), formerly known as the Queen's Scout Working Party, helps promote the Top Awards, assists with the running of major national Scouts events such as the annual ‘Day of Celebration and Achievement’ at Windsor Castle, and represents the Scouts at events such as the Festival of Remembrance.

King's Scout Working Party Website

King's Scout Working Party Facebook

King's Scout Working Party Twitter

The Active Support Unit’s main aim is to bring Scout activities to the Muslim communities of the UK, so that together, young people can develop into productive and beneficial members of their societies.

Muslim Scout Fellowship Website

Muslim Scout Fellowship Facebook

Muslim Scout Fellowship Twitter

Supporting members of Scouts and Girlguiding in the Catholic Church and more widely, the Active Support Unit aims to provide practical help for Leaders; including ideas for faith and beliefs for use within the Programme.

National Catholic Scout Fellowship Website

National Catholic Scout Fellowship Facebook

Email the National Catholic Scout Fellowship

The national caving SASU is available to support all your scout caving needs, and will be able to provide a contact for a team near you that can introduce your young people to world beneath our feet. We will also assist with help with advice for running trips underground and supporting those that are permit holders or assist with running caving or mine exploration as an adventurous activity. If you are involved with scout caving then please get in touch and join us.

Email National Caving SASU

Supporting members of Scouts in the Jewish community and more widely, the Active Support Unit aims to provide practical help for Leaders; including ideas for faith and beliefs for use within the Programme.

Providing experienced security for Scouts and Girlguiding events across the UK, the Active Support Unit ensuring the safety and welfare for all those in attendance at events by supporting event organisers with their needs.

National Scout Fellowship Security Team Website

Email National Scout Fellowship Security Team

The Unit provides specialist communication solutions to Scouts and Girlguiding events as well as other community and charity organisations.  The Active Support Unit can support with a variety of both large and small events.

Nationwide Scout Communications Website

Nationwide Scout Communications Twitter

The Performing Arts Scout Active Support Unit aims to help those in Marching Bands, Gang Shows, The National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band and other musical ensembles and creative groups to share best practice and learn from each other. 

Email National Performing Arts

The Unit is the National Climbing and Abseiling team. They provide support with climbing and high ropes activities at a variety of scouting events.

SCAFELL Facebook


SCAFELL Instagram


With a wealth of 4x4 and off road driving knowledge we can help with training, site logistics, events and 4x4 experiences for both young people and adults to learn new skills, have fun and meet new people.

Scout 4x4 Website

Scout 4x4 Facebook

Scout 4x4 Twitter

Scout 4x4 YouTube

The Active Support Unit supports Scout Adventures' sites across the UK,  from day-to-day volunteering to large projects and national events.

Scout Adventures website

Scout Adventures Facebook

Scout Adventures Instagram

Volunteer with Scout Adventures

SAGGA is a Unit dedicated to providing skilled service to the Scouts and Girlguides.  The Unit supports the aims of both Associations enabling members to build up skills and experiences while trying new things.

Scout and Guide Graduate Association Website

Scout and Guide Graduate Association Facebook

Scout and Guide Graduate Association Twitter

Scout Content provides assistance with content production and digital communications both nationally to the Scouts, as well as locally to Districts and Counties. We regularly attend large scale events and produce content in the form of photos, videos, online and print. Our aim is to support members with content production across the country.

Scout Content Website

Scout Content Facebook

Scout Content Twitter

Email Scout Content

For all things broadcast radio in Scouts across the UK.  The Unit often run FM radio stations at large Jamborees as well as supporting local Community radio stations with content about the Scouts.  Scout Radio can also provide Groups with activities suitable for gaining the Media Relations Scout Activity badge.

Scout Tech provide IT solutions to many of the large national events, giving internet access to participants as part of the event programme.  The Unit also supports organising teams with IT facilities to assist with the successful operation of events.

ScoutLink aims to connect Scouts and Girlguides across the world through our online services. We provide online services all year round through IRC, Webchat, TeamSpeak, Minecraft and Discourse. Our volunteers help to ensure that this service runs smoothly and safely for the enjoyment of members around the globe.

The Active Support Unit provides first aid and medical services to Scout events and activities throughout the country. This can range from one day large District and County events through to international camps with several thousand participants.

ScoutMed Website

ScoutMed Facebook

Supporting training needs across National Scout Active Support Units.

Email Scout Training NSASU

SSAGO enables you to continue or begin your Scouting or Guiding journey in Higher Education and connect with other students in the UK and internationally. The Unit provides members a way to support local Scouting and Guiding opportunities and build skills and experiences while at University.

SSAGO Website

SSAGO Facebook

SSAGO Instagram

SSAGO Twitter

TikTok: @ssago_uk



The Supporting Assessors Active Support Unit is made up of members from across the UK who provide support to Activity Assessors and Nights Away Advisers within the Scouts through both regional and local workshops.


Supporting members of Scouts and Girlguiding in the United Reformed Church and more widely, the Active Support Unit aims to provide practical help for Leaders; including ideas for faith and beliefs for use within the Programme.