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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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The review

The review

Agreeing the Terms of the Review

Written terms of reference for the review should be drawn up and agreed with the appropriate Commissioner. Advice for writing these should be sought from the Regional Development Service/Country HQ as appropriate.

These terms of reference should be specific about the geographical area under review, the outcomes required from the review process and to whom the outcomes are reported. The terms of reference should be clear that the outcomes should take into account the original issues that initiated the review and any current thinking.

In addition the terms of reference should provide a clear and realistic timeframe. Depending upon the complexity of the review this should be somewhere between three and six months. The appropriate Commissioner may designate someone to lead the review. In this case it would be appropriate to compile a role description and person profile for this person.

Appointing the Person Who Will Lead the Review

The Commissioner responsible for initiating the review is responsible for appointing the lead person. Best practice is for this person to be independent of the area being reviewed and it's also advisable for this person to have some experience at the level of the review e.g. a County review may be lead by an ex County Commissioner or a District review may be lead by a neighbouring District Commissioner.

The first task for this person will be to create an outline project plan which enables them to identify the skills and experience needed from members of the review team.

Establishing a Review Team

The person leading the review should recruit a small team to work with them through the process. In generating names, they may find it helpful to confer with the Regional Development Service or Country HQ as appropriate.

When recruiting members of the review team particular consideration should be given to sensitivity, confidentiality and discretion. It's essential to ensure that everyone is clear about their role. Formal role descriptions for each member of the team may help to clarify this.

Doing the Review

There are many ways in which the review can be carried out. No one method is appropriate in all situations. Often a combination of methods may offer the widest opportunity for people to contribute to the review process. As a key principle the more the Review Team is seen to consult the more those affected will feel a part of the process.

Underlying all methods is a cycle of information gathering, analysing and considering the possible options. These options may lead to a further need for information gathering or consultation hence continuing the review cycle.