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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Local Growth Officer Grant

This grant contributes to the costs of employing local staff to grow Scouts in underrepresented communities.

Last updated: 4 July 2023

  • Assessment in progress.

This grant contributes to the costs of employing Local Growth Officers. Applications can be made for one of the two following employment models. The two models cannot be combined.

  1. Employment through Scouts within the Growth & Communities Team
  2. Employment by Local Scout County (England)

We are keen for Counties to contribute to the cost of the project in order to maximise the reach of the Underrepresented Communities Fund. This will be captured in the application form.

What are the benefits of each employment method?

Benefits of employment through Scouts:

  • Kit and equipment for the role – IT/technology and home office set-up
  • Access to Scouts Learning Directory of opportunities
  • Inflationary pay increases as applied across all Scouts employees
  • Employee benefits package (including pension, Simply Health, annual leave and other leave entitlements)
  • Team collaboration/support opportunities within appropriate Growth & Communities area team

Benefits of direct employment through Local Scouting:

  • Not restricted to the Scouts employment model

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • Submit a growth action plan focused primarily on IMD 1-3 (or equivalent) areas and/or communities of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic populations using the template provided. Growth plans relating to this funding must start from September 2023 onwards.
  • Submit details of local reserves using the template provided.
  • Set recruitment targets equivalent to at least 140 young people across 10 sections per year per full-time Local Growth Officer.
  • Complete an online application form, which includes these questions.

For employment through Scouts, applicants must also:

  • Commit to a contract length of 1-2 years.

For employment through Local Scouting, applicants must also:

  • Provide details of the desired employment model
  • Evidence existing employment infrastructure, including:
    • HR/employee relations support
    • Dedicated line manager (with appropriate
    • Payroll including pension arrangements
    • Approach for inflationary increases
    • Procurement of required kit/equipment
  • Complete an employment budget using the template provided
  • Offer salaries equivalent to Scouts salary ranges

What does every grant include?

  • Induction and onboarding for Local Growth Steering Groups
  • Induction and onboarding for Local Growth Staff
  • Line management (or dedicated matrix management for locally employed staff) for Local Growth Staff
  • Standard project/new provision tracking tool to keep on top of progress
  • Access to face-to-face and virtual networking, collaboration events, and learning sessions

How will grants be awarded?

Assessments will be based on:

  • Value for money
  • Targets
  • Impact on strategic aims

The size of the grant award will be based on:

  • The application's ranking
  • The reserves of the County and Districts where employment will focus

Conditions of receiving a Grant

Staff employed through this grant (via either method) will be required to participate in the wider network of learning and sharing practice with colleagues and volunteers working on inclusive growth, including: 

  • Face-to-face networking, collaboration and learning events (minimum of four per year) 
  • Regular virtual learning and sharing sessions 

Successful applicants will:

  • Agree to targets, conditions, and a funding schedule by signing a grant agreement.
  • Establish an Underrepresented Communities Project Steering Group with its own Terms of Reference to ensure operation within the grant agreement.
  • Report through the monthly use of a simple online progress tracker.

How will funds be paid?

For employment through Scouts:

  • Grants will not be transferred to the applicant.
  • Grants will be transferred internally according to the funding schedule subject to:
    • Up-to-date reporting
    • Satisfactory progress against targets
  • Contributions from Local Scouting will be paid to Scouts as per the funding schedule 

For employment through Local Scouting:

  • Funds will be transferred to the applicant according to the funding schedule subject to:
    • Up-to-date reporting
    • Satisfactory progress against targets



Status: In Assessment

Applications are currently in assessment.

Applications open: Midday on Tuesday 25 April 2023

Applications close: Midday on Monday 19 June 2023

For further help

For help and support about how this grant might work in your County, please contact:

  • East Midlands - Niki Cody
  • East of England - Jane Arkley-Crouch
  • Greater London - Jane Arkley-Crouch
  • North East - Dean Carroll
  • North West - Dean Carroll
  • South East - Katharine Paton-King
  • South West - Katharine Paton-King
  • West Midlands - Niki Cody