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This guidance is directed at First Aid Trainers and Training Managers. Here you'll find the relevant information and the trainers resources available to deliver first aid training at Scouts - also known as First Response course.

Our first response programme is developed in collaboration between the Scouts and Girlguiding, with a common syllabus, resources and acceptance between the two organisations.  

Syllabus Review - November 2020

We have reviewed the previous syllabus and compared it to other similar first aid courses. We've concluded that our previous course had a large amount of content and, in within 6 hours, the syllabus was trying to deliver more content than most standard 16 hour first aid courses.

The syllabus is now focused on conditions where prompt recognition and/or life-saving treatment is required. Some medical conditions have been removed, and some others included as a reflection of the most frequent occurrences on incident/accident reports submitted to both the Scouts and Girlguiding.  

We will continue to monitor what is included within the syllabus in line with feedback, the wider sector and incident/accident information. 

Information on where to find advice to deal with less urgent conditions can be found within the course itself, although it does not appear on the syllabus. 

If trainers choose to add content not listed on the syllabus this needs to be made clear to participants and should not detract from the core syllabus and training plan. 

First aid guidance for managers

Information on first aid compliance, equivalent courses to a First Response Certificate, what's needed to become a First Aid Trainer, and how to update records on Compass is available.

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First aid training updates

An easy and simple way to follow up with all first aid training updates.

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COVID safe first aid training

Additional guidance is available to support volunteers to participate and deliver first aid training whilst the UK faces restrictions from COVID-19.

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