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Good practice for Local Awards Advisory Groups

Good practice for Local Awards Advisory Groups

Below are some key messages to ensure good practice for Local Awards Advisory Groups when they are checking award nomination forms and record keeping of submitted awards to prevent duplicates

Local Awards Advisory Groups should ensure that each nomination form is checked for the following prior to it being submitted for consideration by the relevant Commissioner or the National Awards Advisory Group;

For Good Service awards:

  • The nominee must hold a volunteer appointment as a member or associate member of the Scouts.
  • The nominee must have enough service for the award they’re being nominated for.
  • The nominee must have a valid disclosure (if relevant for their active roles).
  • The nominee must not have received a Good Service award in the last five years.
  • The nominee must not already have the award they’re being nominated for.
  • The nominee must have completed all mandatory training relevant to all active roles (or is within three years of appointment to the active roles).
  • The nominee must have the correct previous Good Service award (if relevant for the award they’re being nominated for)

(Compass has all relevant information to assist with the above checks.)

Nominees holding multiple appointments

Where a nominee holds a number of different appointments (at District, County, Regional or National level, including if they are a staff member), each of the nominees line managers must be consulted prior to an award decision being made/an award nomination form being submitted, to ensure a similar or concurrent award nomination is not being considered at the same time and that everyone is in agreement with the nomination. Such enquiries should be made in confidence to the relevant Commissioner(s)/line manager prior to the award nomination form being submitted to avoid a duplicate scenario that may cause the consideration process delay or an individual receiving the same recognition twice.

Record keeping

It's really important that locally, a record is kept regarding what awards have been approved for who and when they were submitted to UK Headquarters using the Good Service award competition form. By doing this, hopefully duplicates are not submitted before the previously approved award show up on the nominees Compass profile.