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Growing Scouts

Get bigger and better

Getting more volunteers involved

Two hands are better than one. Four hands are better than two. Find out how to recruit more adult volunteers in your area, and keep them involved for the long run. 

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Recruiting from a distance

We know that COVID-19 has presented us with a unique set of challenges, and we need more adults to help us deliver Scouting while we stay safe and socially distance.

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Getting more young people involved

Keen to get more young people involved locally? These ready-made resources can help you bring the benefits of Scouts to more young people in your area, and hold onto the members you already have. 

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Starting a new section

We all want as many young people as possible to have the opportunity to learn new skills at Scouts. But, before you can start planning something new, it's important to think about what your community needs most. 

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Celebrating Success

It's great when someone says thank you for something you have done or celebrates your achievements. Use our top advice to celebrate you give-it-a-goers

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Ready to recruit

The first in our series of webinars getting ready to recruit.

Are you visible in your community and ready to welcome new volunteers to your team.

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Creating interest

Getting to know the parents in your group and top tips and tools to help you

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Identifying interest

Working out who to ask for help

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