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By sponsoring the Scouts Model Maker Activity Badge, Games Workshop hope to provide young people with new and creative ways to learn skills for life.

Games Workshop seeks to inspire new generations of young people by helping them develop the inventive and artistic skills that are an integral part of the Warhammer hobby, and introducing new worlds of imagination and fantastical possibilities.

Warhammer is an incredibly creative hobby that encourages social activities and group interaction - a notion shared by Scout Groups across the country, making it a perfect match!


Are you a Scout leader?

Scout Resource for Model Maker Activity Badge (10.5 - 14 yrs)

Through this partnership, Scout groups are able to get free Warhammer resource packs containing everything you need for your group to complete their Scout Model Maker Activity Badges! If you are nearby one of Warhammer's 115+ Scouts accredited stores across the UK, your group can choose to go in-store to complete a hands-on and engaging workshop using the resource pack. If a store visit isn't possible, the resources will be posted to you with instructions available online to help you deliver an exciting session with your group!

Keen to get stuck in? Click here to get your free pack!

How to video

Games Workshop have created a great 'How to build' video to help you and your group get started with the kit! 



Warhammer kit laid out, including booklets, paints and tools
This kit is available to Scout groups only.


Are you an Explorer?

Explorer Scouts resource - Warhammer Skills Development Programme (14-18 yrs)

With the Warhammer Skills development programme, young people can now collect, build, paint, play and read their way through the Warhammer universes as part of youth achievement awards. It supports Explorer Scouts with their Creative Arts Activity Badge, their Scouting Top Awards as well as the Skills section of their Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award too. In-fact, a Scout can use Warhammer Skills to meet the requirement for all 3 awards at the same time!

This programme can be used by any Explorer Scout regardless of whether they're a complete beginner or already have some experience of miniature model building and painting. Flexible for each award and young person, the programme centre's around each participant’s individual goals. It can be completed in any Warhammer store across the UK, in your own Warhammer club or Explorer Scout meeting place. 

To help Explorers track their progress, Warhammer provide a free handy workbook that will guide them and their chosen Assessor throughout the process. The programme booklet helps Explorers choose the right models their project and explains what equipment they need to create unique achievements. If young people are completing the award in a Warhammer store, the store staff will also demonstrate new techniques and help to document new skills as part of the process. 

To register and find out more about Warhammer Skills Development Programme, simply visit the Warhammer Alliance website.

Please note if an Explorer Scout will be using Warhammer Skills for their DofE Award, applications must be made by their parent or guardian if they are under 18 years of age. 

Warhammer Skills booklet on a table with Warhammer figurines, paint brushes and paint pots
This kit is available for Explorers only.



More activities and information packs

Make Do Share Summer 2019 Make A Model Bunker
PDF – 728.8KB
Make Do Share Summer 2019 Make A Model Bunker Activity Sheet And Templates
PDF – 182.4KB
Make Do Share Spring 2020 Save The Sky Port
PDF – 1.9MB
Make Do Share Spring 2020 Save The Sky Port Download
PDF – 17.5MB

(The Save the Sky Port activity is suitable for Scouts and Explorers but the kit offer is only available for Scouts)

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