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Chief Scout's Silver Award


This is the highest award a Cub can earn. To complete it, you need to earn six Activity or Staged Activity Badges of your choice, as well as all seven of the Challenge Awards. The Chief Scout’s Silver Award shows that you’ve given new things a go, played your part, and stuck it out, even when the going got tough. It’s a really big achievement, and you should be proud.

Explorers Chief Scout's Diamond Award


The Chief Scout's Diamond Award is the highest of the Chief Scout's Awards, and the final step before the Queen's Scout Award.

Chief Scout's Bronze Award


This is the highest award a Beaver can earn. To earn it, you’ll need complete all of the challenge awards, as well as any four activity badges of your choice (including staged activity badges).

Chief Scout's Platinum Award


Chief Scout's Gold Award


Queen's Scout Award


The Queen’s Scout Award is the top achievement for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members and comprises of a variety of activities to complete. The Queen’s Scout Award (QSA) is linked closely to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award and it is worth working on the two awards together. To gain the award you must complete all of the following requirements before your 25th birthday.

And the award goes to...


A fast-paced race introduces the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.

Awarding top awards


Awards are all about recognising people’s hard work and achievements, so get together and remember good times.

Chief Scout’s Diamond Award ICV list


ICV list for the Chief Scout's Diamond Award

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award ICV list


Check out the ICV list for the Chief Scout's Platinum Award.

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