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Motor sports

It’s time to start your engines for this motor sports adventure and show speed and control in a race to the finish line.

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What to expect

Motor sports is where everyone drives a vehicle powered by a motor, such as a go-kart or a quad bike. The motors come in many different sizes and power outputs, to suit people of different ages and abilities. You may need to wear protective equipment during these activities, which could include a full-face, off-road helmet that looks a bit like a motorcycle helmet.

What you’ll learn

Being in charge of your own motor vehicle helps everyone understand the importance of spatial awareness and vehicle control on a course. Different types of motor sports help you develop other skills. Quad biking can help with balance and coordination, whilst go-karts can help with timings and improve reactions.

Fun facts

Motor sports can be enjoyed at many activity centres across the UK. There are also lots of opportunities to try activities like quad biking at the national events held at some of the Scout Adventures sites across the country.

Handy hints

  • Bring your camera with you. Getting lots of pictures of everyone driving around will allow everyone to look back on the experience later, so remember to bring a camera or smartphone.
  • Grab some extra hair bobbles. People with long hair will probably need to tie it back. Take a few extra hair ties, just in case anyone forgets.


You must always:
Be safe outdoors:
  • Check the weather forecast
Motor Sports:
Joint activities with other organisations:
This activity can be led by you or someone else in Scouts
You can go to a centre or use an activity leader who is not part of Scouting:
You must find a suitable provider who meets the following requirements:
  • The provider must have public liability insurance.


Motor Sports

Activity Helmets


Some will be thrilled at the prospect of driving motor vehicles, while some might be a little worried. Whether you’re trying it again or doing it for the first time, you’re likely to discover something new. How did it feel driving the motor vehicle? Did you manage to go around the course? It doesn’t matter whether you were the fastest or the slowest, so long as you were enjoying yourself and could learn how the vehicle behaves on the course.

Driving this way on a course is all about speed and control. You need to move at a steady pace, so that other drivers don’t get stuck behind you, but you don’t want to go so fast that you go off the course at a bend. You’ll need to listen to the safety advice and have a few goes to get to grips with your vehicle and find an ideal speed for you. What safety points do you remember from the briefing? Would you try this again and if so, would you do anything differently next time?

Motor sports can often be adapted so more people can give it a go. Many centres have facilities that cater for people with additional needs and experienced instructors to help everyone achieve their goals. Get in touch with your local provider to chat through the needs of people in your group - make sure you give them plenty of notice.

All Scout activities should be inclusive and accessible.

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