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Joint adventurous activities with Girlguiding


(Published May 2021 replacing January 2018)

What is a joint activity?

A joint activity is one where young people and adults are present from both organisations. This is intended as something which has a positive impact on the experience of youth members of both organisations.

Where an adult from one organisation is volunteering to deliver activities for members of the other organisation this is not a joint activity and that adult must follow the rules and procedures of the organisation the young people are from.

The information contained on this page is for use by leaders in both organisations when youth members of both Girlguiding and The Scouts take part in activities together (as defined in Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) 9.76).


Joint activities are part of the programme for both Scouts and Girlguiding members, allowing young people to experience activities which they would not normally have access to or with a broader group. The following guidance is designed to ensure responsible leadership in these activities.

The following information has been taken from the activities policies, procedures and guidance of each organisation for its members.

All activities must be risk assessed and this may result in further controls in addition to the normal systems for managing an activity, this is absolutely acceptable and should be agreed collaboratively with leaders from both organisations to ensure that everyone understands the decisions made and why they have been made.

Insurance for these activities is based on members following the guidance below and the policies of the relevant organisation. Any questions regarding insurance of joint activities must be directed to the relevant headquarters.

How to deliver joint activities

The list below is provided to help Leaders running joint activities and to avoid them having to work to two sets of specific rules. This does not negate the need for members of both movements to follow the general requirements as set out in Policy, Organisation and Rules or Girlguiding policy and procedures.


It is important in all Scout and Girlguiding activities to have clarity over who is responsible for what. In joint activities this is essential.

Further information and support

Commissioners and advisers will be able to help advise leaders with the organisation of joint activities.

In cases of doubt, reference should be made to the headquarters of the two organisation.