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Crate climbing

Create with crates, then harness up, pop on a helmet, and begin the climb.

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Standing on top of the stack, how high can you build it before it comes crashing down? Requiring balance and confidence, this activity will push you to your personal limits whilst encouraging team working and communication.

Go crate climbing with Scout Adventures


You must always:
Be safe outdoors:
  • Check the weather forecast
High ropes:
  • Check the definitions for high ropes in POR 9.78 and follow the relevant rules for delivering the activity
Joint activities with other organisations:
This activity can be led by you or someone else in Scouts
You can go to a centre or use an activity leader who is not part of Scouting:
You must find a suitable provider who meets the following requirements :

High Ropes


Crate climbing needed people to be courageous. Did anyone have any worries before they began? What helped people to face their fears and give it a go? People may have found it helpful to watch someone else try it out first, set their own limits, or understand how the harness would keep them safe. Did anyone surprise themselves by manging more than they expected, or finding it more fun than they thought it would be?

Crate climbing also needed everyone to work as a team. The team on the ground were really important to the process of the person climbing. What important roles did they play? People might think about how they passed up crates, gave people advice, or sent up words of encouragement. Did people expect that the people on the ground would play such an important part?