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Bereavement support

The following guidance has been created to support you in the event of a bereavement in your group.

Support if an adult volunteer dies

If an adult volunteer in your group dies, it’s really important to come together to support one another and your young people.

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Support if a young person dies

By coming together, you’ll be able to address what’s happened and plan how best to support your young people, and each other. 

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First night back

When Scout meetings begin again, young people in your Scout group may have lots of questions. 

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Where to get further help and support

If you or anyone in the group feels as though grief and sadness is impacting on daily life, talking to a GP can help. They may refer you to a local mental health support service or bereavement counselling.

Not everyone will want to speak to their GP and for those who do, they may find there is a long delay between seeking help and receiving it. There are several charitable organisations which exist to support those who are going through bereavement or feeling anxious or down. These include:

Supporting Young People’s mental health in Scouting

For more information on mental health, spotting the signs and symptoms and additional help. 

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