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Supporting life issues and young people

Although families or schools may usually be the first port of call for many of the issues that young people face, it may be that a Scout volunteer finds themselves needing to discuss some of these issues.

Safeguarding Policy

Scouts acknowledge the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people. 

Read our Safeguarding Policy >
Dealing with an issue

Take a look at our guidance on substance use and misuse, alcohol and Scouts, smoking and Scouts, and dealing with challenging behaviour.

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Volunteers' Responsibilities

Our priority at Scouts is keeping our members safe. Read about digital safeguarding, anti-bullying, promoting positive behaviour and the definitions of abuse.

Learn more about your responsibilities >
Supporting our members

We've provided guidance to support our members with a number of situations and challenges they may face. 

Find out how you can support our members >
Digital safeguarding

Including information on staying safe online, photography, video and audio recording at Scout events, as well as guidance on sending emails and text messages.

Learn more about digital safeguarding >