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Supporting our members

Although the people they live with or schools will usually be the first port of call for many of the issues that young people face, it may be that a Scout volunteer finds themselves needing to discuss some of these issues.

It's the responsibility of Scout volunteers to promote safe and responsible living and point anyone who asks for help in the direction of expert advice when necessary.

They'll also need to appreciate different cultural or religious sensitivities in such situations.

We've produced a number of support pages for dealing with life issues, along with a list of links to external resources.

For general advice on issues facing young people, contact Childline or its service provider, the NSPCC.

Additional support to share with young people

These resources are useful in sharing with young people within Scouts.

Take a look out our resources >

Parents and carers

Guidance for parents or carers, and answers to their safety and safeguarding questions.

Guidance on safety and safeguarding

Young carers

Guidance for young people who often take on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult. 

Read the guidance for Young Carers

Young people and self harm

There are lots of things that could be described as self-harm. Discover the information and support organisations related to self harm.

Read more on self harm

Young person of divorced or separated parents

Guidance on helping young people deal with divorce or separation.

Read the guidance on divorce or separation

Young people with eating disorders

Anyone can develop an eating disorder, whatever their age, gender or cultural background. 

Learn more about eating disorders

Young people going through bereavement

The following guidance has been created to support you in the event of a bereavement in your group.

Read the guidance on bereavement

Young people and their mental health

Supporting young people's mental health in Scouting.

Read the support on mental health

Young people and their sexual health

Information about sexual health and young people, and provide guidance, support and information to adults who may be approached by young people.

Learn more about sexual health

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

We know that a healthy lifestyle means something different for different people. That’s why we took a long time to work out what it means for the Scouts.

Discover more about a healthy lifestyle

Young people who are being bullied

It is the responsibility of all adults in Scouting to help develop a caring and supportive atmosphere, where bullying in any form is unacceptable. 

Learn more about anti-bullying

Promoting positive behaviour

Adults in Scouting have an important role in supporting young people to manage their own behaviour and make positive choices. 

Read the guidance

Identifing abuse and extremist behaviour

Support with identifying abuse.

Read the guidance

Young people and healthy relationships

Guidance on young people in close friendships or romantic relationships where there is an age gap.

Read the guidance