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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Getting the uniform and making the Promise

Getting the uniform and making the Promise

The uniform

Scouts have a uniform to celebrate their shared identity, and everyone who’s a member can wear it. For detailed information, please see our uniform guidelines within POR.

Uniforms and Scout merchandise are available via Scout Store

Local groups often have their own customised items, such as a uniquely coloured scarf or ‘necker’, so talk to your Group Scout Leader if you have any questions. 

To begin with, Squirrels can wear anything they feel comfortable running around in. If they decide to become members, they can get their own uniform. The uniform is comfy and practical, makes everyone feel part of the group, and gives the Scouts a place to proudly display their badges and awards.

Making the Promise

As well as enjoying plenty of adventures, being a Squirrel is about going on a journey to understand who you are and what you stand for. When they join the section, Squirrels will explore these ideas by making the Squirrel Promise. 

The Promise reflects the fact that there are some things all Squirrels agree on – such as the importance of treating everyone in the section with kindness, and doing their best to care for the community and wider world in which they live.

Squirrels make their promise to do their best to make a positive contribution to society and stick by their values.

Squirrel ceremonies

Most Squirrels have an opening and closing ceremony – something that they do at the beginning and end of every meeting to kick things off and wind them down. Some Squirrels use our example ceremonies, while others create something new. Find examples you could use in your Squirrels section at Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.

Making the Promise is a big celebration within the section. Every time a new Squirrel decides to join permanently, they chat through their Promise before making it. Usually, they do this by saying it out loud in front of their fellow Scouts.

Family and friends might come along to see this, too. This is known as being ‘invested’ into Squirrels, and it usually takes place a few weeks into their Scouts experience, once they’ve had time to settle in.

The Squirrel Scout Promise

There are a number of versions of the Promise to choose from. It’s your job to chat through all of them and helping your young people to pick the one they feel is most appropriate for them.

Learn the Squirrel Scout Promise

Making the promise in Makaton

It's important every young person is able to make the Promise in the best way for them. Why not try making the Squirrels Promise in Makaton?

Learn the Promise in Makaton

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