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(Published February 2021 replacing version March 2016)  


This page provides guidance to groups wholly aged 18 and over participating in activities. Where any participant is aged under 18, or is unable to independently understand the risks involved in the activity, the activity must be led or supervised in accordance with the adventurous activity permit scheme (see POR Rule 9.7), this applies to joint activities with both Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members. 

Taking part in activities helps to fulfill a number of goals, including personal developmentenjoyment, a desire to develop skills that will help young people, and to participate in a group experience. However, it is important that all participants understand the risks in the activity, and that activities are appropriately planned to minimise the risks involved. 

This guidance sets out the general areas that should be covered to help all participants to form an informed opinion about the activity. More specific advice and guidance for particular activities is contained in various factsheets, in publications produced or recommended by relevant National Governing Bodies, specialists within the Scouts (including Assistant District Commissioner (Activities), Assistant County Commissioner (Activities), Activity Permit Holders, Assessor and Advisers), or through appropriate external bodies and experts. 

Don’t forget communication is a two-way process and that there should not be a sole reliance on the information given. Every participant has the responsibility to question what measures have been taken for safety and wellbeing. Particular attention must be paid to, and by, those with little experience in the activity which is planned. 

Planning considerations 

The following is not an exhaustive list but sets out certain broad areas for consideration. They could be used as part of a checklist and in a Risk Assessment. 

Rules in POR that apply to adult groups in adventurous activities
Other Rules in POR that apply to activities irrespective of age

Emergency Procedures, as set out in Chapter 7

Rule 9.3 InTouch

Rule 9.4 Risk Assessment

Rule 9.6 Large Scale Events

Rule 9.9 Use of External Centres and Instructors

Rule 9.64 Visits Abroad

Further Advice and Information