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The programme of any International Camp is probably the single most important aspect in the eyes of the young participants. Staffing the programme, ensuring the safety of participants and utilising the opportunities to create a real feeling of achievement for both providers and those taking part will be the largest task for any camp organisers and plans should be started as early as possible. There are many approaches to the provision of programme and the main controlling factor may well be the cost of the camp. At the time of writing, camp fees have ranged from about £90 to almost £225 and this difference is reflected in the extent to which programme costs and food costs were incorporated into the camp fee.

  • Generally, a lower camp fee reflected less provision of a central programme
  • Larger camp fees incorporated many specialist activities
  • Most camps made provision for additional activities, and reflected this in additional charges at point of participation
  • The larger the camp, the greater the degree of organisation. A major feature of most camps is the selection of a theme to link all aspects of the camp, programme and organisation together. From past experience, it is advisable to steer clear of Disney themes due to problems over copyright and potential expenses from the purchase of licences.

The programme can be divided into four aspects:

  • Large, camp-wide activities for universal participation
  • Sub-camp activities, usually evening based
  • Ticketed/organised daily programme
  • Drop in activities, non-ticketed

Taking each of these areas in turn, some pointers on maximising the potential are:

At the end of the camp

  • Review the success of each activity by consulting the programme staff for future
  • Ask the young people for their thoughts on the activities