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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Services and technical arrangements

Services and technical arrangements

With rising living standards around the world, there is an increasing expectation that the standard of services offered at international camps will be reflected in better quality and more sensitive sanitation and waste disposal.

Assuming that direct water provision is possible at an acceptable pressure level, organisers need to remember that about 80% of this water will also need to be disposed of.

  • Involve local planning officials so that they are on your side
  • Local councils have Health and Safety officials who may give guidance. Environmental Health Officers may also be helpful.
  • Investigate if it would be cheaper for the Country/Area to purchase equipment for future use, rather than pay high rental charges
  • Appoint a good Quartermaster who can control all equipment on in a businesslike way, booking in and out
  • Consider using a site, such as a County Showground, which already has site
    services installed
  • Consider the benefits, on a long-term basis of upgrading facilities on the local
    Scout site
  • Visit event suppliers’ conferences/trade shows
  • Liaise with other camp organisers to negotiate jointly with suppliers or to
    borrow from those events not taking place that year
  • Consider the Army or TA for equipment and expertise
  • Look at the various telecom companies to see which can offer the best, all in,
    service. BT have been very helpful in providing pagers, faxes, internal telephones, radios and pay phones
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance cover
  • Consult the ‘Showman’s Guide’, available from libraries
  • Set-up times vary from two to seven days
  • Establish a good procedure for controlling equipment which is lent out
  • Liaise with local police to ensure that intruders are firmly dealt with
  • Computers and high cost equipment on site raise the cost of insurance and require adequate security
  • Commercial companies may be interested providing some of the services, such as banks, supermarkets, souvenirs
  • Provide a graffiti area to discourage vandalism
  • Ensure that attention is given to fire prevention, including the provision of fire
    breaks, alarms, extinguishers
  • Consider separating waste material and recycling

A major topic to consider is the provision of showers and cleanliness of sanitation provision:

  • Many countries will not participate if there are no showers or if they are inadequate
  • Small toilet rolls disappear quickly. One solution is to provide large dispensers
  • Liquid soap dispensers are hygienic and cost effective
  • It may be best to hire a cleaning and disposal company to maintain good, consistent standards
  • Be careful to provide adequate and hygienic surroundings for religious obligations, for example washing before praying
  • The quality and reliability of showers is often more important than the quantity
  • Take care to use a reputable company with adequate back up potential
  • The cost of cold storage equipment is offset by reduced wastage
  • Bringing in commercial caterers for staff catering ensures a good quality product
    with limited financial risk and reduces the need to provide additional equipment
  • Be aware of the increasing diversity of diet of young people, including larger
    numbers who are vegetarian, those with dietary problems and those with religious
  • Fire fighting and links to local fire service
  • First Aid/First Response provision and links to local hospitals, paramedics and doctors
  • Emergency provision of accommodation in the event of a major disaster
  • Links to local emergency planning service
  • Adequate litter bins and a litter patrol