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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Publicity and public relations

Publicity and public relations

A major international camp will make a huge impact on local publicity for Scouting. The success of the event will depend on many things, not least the advance publicity to maximise the numbers taking part and having got the participants there, telling as many people as possible about the successes of the camp.

Don’t forget that many Districts and Counties have Media Managers and Public Relations Officers. Use them!

There are a number of aspects to consider:

  • Consider an online booking system
  • Advance publicity to potential participants
  • Provide a poster for each Scout Group in the County/Area
  • Provide a road show and visits to Groups and Units in the County/Area to maximise local attendance
  • Use the County Secretary network to get information to all UK Countries/Areas
  • Send information to the International Office for direct mailing to European Associations
  • Complete the World Scout Bureau form for inclusion in a mailing to all Associations in membership of WOSM
  • Use twin-town committees to make contacts
  • Consider the content of invitations to go overseas
  • Distribute information at other international camps and the preceding World Scouting Jamboree
  • Use business contacts and those going on holiday to establish new contacts
  • Establish a website
  • Establish a regular newsletter to build up information
  • Try to get contributions from overseas participants
  • Send the camp booklet well in advance, but with accurate information
  • Provide specimen press releases for participating groups
  • Prepare a brochure and invite different levels of sponsorship, relating to amount of money or support involved
  • Give regular updates to sponsors to maintain support
  • Give talks to sponsoring companies and organisations
  • Send samples of materials featuring the logo of sponsors to them

Publicity during the camp

  • Make contact with local newspapers, radio and TV stations well in advance
  • Have a special press day
  • Use well briefed Explorer Scouts/Scout Network members as escorts for visitors
  • Have a special postal frank
  • Have a VIP tent with lots of youth hosts
  • Distribute general Scouting PR material as well as specific information on the camp
  • Have a number of open days for the public or have one special one which gives all the right messages
  • Encourage overseas participants to phone or fax reports to their local newspapers

After the camp

  • Prepare a video or slide presentation to be given to sponsors
  • Send a full report to sponsors
  • Send a copy to those who didn’t offer sponsorship this time
  • Send a report to the International Office
  • Prepare a special certificate of thanks to all staff
  • Prepare a special certificate for all staff
  • Send a report to participating groups, possibly with some advance information about the next camp
  • Give a good presentation to the County and Sectional meetings to maintain the momentum for next time