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The Visits Abroad Process

Going abroad with Scouting is often a lot easier than people think.

There is a very clear rule and process to follow and lots of people with international Scouting experience to guide you on your journey.

First things first – chat with young people to see where they would like to go and what they would like to do. There are a number of different types of international experiences that you can get involved with, these include: 

  • Exchange visits
  • National Jamborees
  • International Camps abroad or in the UK
  • Explorer Belt
  • Scouts of the World Award
  • Queens Scout Expeditions
  • Community Development projects
  • Recreational Visits
  • World Jamborees and Moots

The Process

Who does what:

ACCI: supports you through your visit abroad process, ensuring you have everything in place and making sure it gets approved by the relevant Commissioner (County/Area/Region (Scotland)/ Chief Commissioner). They can also notify Scouts in your host country that you’ll be arriving and issue you with a letter of introduction. Your ACCI notifies UK HQ about your trip once it has been approved by the relevant Commissioner.

Headquarters: receive notification about visit abroad abroad from your ACCI after it has been approved by the relevant Commissioner. This ensures they know where UK Scouts are in the world and can offer support and assistance where needed.

Relevant Commissioner (County/Area/Region (Scotland)/Chief Commissioner): approves your visit abroad, confirming that it is planned in line with TSA rules and guidance.

Rule 9.64 Visits Abroad

A Visit Abroad is defined as: ‘Any visit outside the United Kingdom, the Channel islands and the Isle of Man on a recognised and approved Scouting activity or travelling in the name of Scouting. This applies to youth and adult Members, Associate Members and non-Members’.

Read the rule in POR

Visits Abroad FAQs

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