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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Visit Abroad FAQs

We do accept electronic signatures on International Funding applications through Commissioners typing in their name, date and membership number. In addition to this we also require that the email trail be attached/forwarded showing the Commissioner approval. The VA notification to HQ no longer requires the form to be sent including the signatures so the ACCI can simply add the relevant information to the HQ VA Notification form once the Commissioner has approved the trip.

There is no approval at HQ level, the reason it needs to be sent to HQ is to ensure there is central database of all Scouting visits abroad at any one time in the event of an emergency and also to allow for data analysis. The approval of a visit abroad sits only with the relevant Commissioner.

The purple International Introduction cards are produced by WOSM, so we have no control over how these are created. These are requested from Scout Store by ACCI or the member themselves.

We are unable to translate these documents into other languages – the cards are already translated into French and Spanish and if any other languages are needed then this could be an activity a member of the planning team or a young person could take on.

Unity have confirmed that cover can begin up to 18 months before a trip leaves the UK. If there are specific circumstances or needs that require this to be extended then it is best to call Unity for specific advice: 0345 0407703

The submission of information to HQ helps ensure that relevant support is available for your trip and in the event of an emergency, please provide as much notice as possible for the trip to be logged online with HQ.

If you find out about a visit that has taken place and not followed the Visit Abroad process then this would be a local issue to address with the relevant Commissioner ensuring that all involved understand the correct process for the future and have the support in place to ensure they are able to follow it. If HQ hears about a visit abroad that has already happened without following the correct process then again, we will work with the relevant Commissioner and the party leader to ensure they have the correct information and support to ensure they are able to follow the process in the future.

We're unable to make it compulsory to use Unity travel insurance and therefore are unable to attach the Unity forms to the VA form. Unity is noted within the VA Guidance as a contact point for advice about insurance. The Unity Travel Insurance form will be available in an accessible, digital, online format in the near future.

Where appropriate, Trustee Boards should be involved and informed about any relevant details associated with the visit abroad. This will be at the discretion of the relevant Commissioner approving the visit.

The definition is written to include absolutely any Scouting visit to another country including any international events, staff programmes or HQ visits. The party leader for the Jamboree/Moot etc. will be the contingent leader and as such we have liaised with the relevant teams to make them aware of this new process. Specific guidance for adult visits abroad will be produced to ensure they are aware of how to follow the Visit Abroad process.

We currently deliver training to new DCs at DC inductions days. In addition to this we will be offering Webinars over the next 6 months to DCs and CCs to ensure they understand the new process and their role in approving visits abroad.

No, although guidance is available online to support those wishing to take younger members abroad.

This would need to be agreed with the DCs involved considering specific details of the trip. Even if just one DC approves a visit abroad it is still best practice to ensure any other DCs or relevant commissioners/GSLs are also kept informed.

The ACC(I) is the person which supports the visit abroad throughout the process. Once it is approved by the relevant Commissioner it will then be passed back to the ACC(I) to then issue the ILI Purple Card and completes the HQ notification online form.

The relevant Commissioner is the person who gives the final approval for a Visit Abroad. If this is against the advice of the ACC(I) then it would be best practice for this to be noted in all documentation as to why they are going against advice.

The relevant County or Area Commissioner may delegate this responsibility to another member of the team in the absence of an ACC(I). In this case it is best to approach the County or Area Commissioner to see what arrangements have been made.

WOSM are in the process of sending out an updated version of these contacts and they will be sent out to ACC(I)s and equivalent through Scouting + as soon as we receive them.

Yes, any visit abroad would need to follow the process.