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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Scout Active Support Members

Scout Active Support Members


Whilst The Scout Association’s primary purpose is the development of young people, it also seeks to offer personal development opportunities to adults, both within their Scouting role and as individuals. The Adult Training Scheme is one means by which adults in Scouting can be supported in their chosen role. It's also a means by which personal development needs can be met. Below is an outline of the training required to fulfil each role within Scout Active Support.

Scout Active Support Managers

A Wood Badge is obligatory for this appointment. This is gained by completing the managers’ modules from the Adult Training Scheme.

Scout Active Support Coordinators and Members

A Wood Badge route is not available for these appointments but Module 1, Essential Information, must be validated.

Although a specific Wood Badge route is not available for these roles, if individuals holding these appointments wish to complete one, they can create a Wood Badge route in agreement with the County Training Manager.

It's important to ensure that the modules chosen can be completed within the Coordinator or member role.

All Scout Active Support roles

Those holding roles within a Scout Active Support Unit, including a Scout Active Support member, Scout Active Support Coordinator and Scout Active Support Manager should also complete those modules relevant to the nature of their Unit. This could include Module 3, Tools for the Job, Module 12, Providing a Balanced Programme, Module 17, Activities Outdoors, or any other relevant module(s). The Service Agreement for a Scout Active Support Unit will outline the support provided by the Unit, and will help to determine which training will be relevant for its members.

Who does a Scout Active Support Unit work with?

A Scout Active Support Unit can support all Members of Scouting at whichever level they are based. The way the Unit interacts with Members of The Scout Association will be dictated by the service agreement. It could be supporting section leaders in delivering different elements of a Balanced Programme, or supporting a District Commissioner in handling Want to Join enquiries.