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Fundraising FAQs

Fundraising’s a great tool to raise money for local Scout Groups and UK Scouting. Read our FAQ guide to get you started on your fundraising adventure.

Fundraising with young people

If you’re part of a local Scout Group and wish to host a fundraising activity, here are a few key things you should be aware of:

Funding your fundraiser

One thing that’s stumped a lot of fundraisers is how to pay for the running cost of an event. Before you do anything, research all potential costs and fees for your fundraiser at the beginning of your planning phase.

With all the options below, it’s important to be clear and transparent about where contributions end up. Explain that some sponsorship or donations need to cover the cost of the fundraiser and the rest support vital causes.

Sending donations to charities

This section will help you distribute donations to your chosen charities and good causes.

The first thing to do is to inform the charities you’re supporting and tell them the proportion of the total they’ll receive. If you’re taking running costs out of the fundraising total, it’s useful to let the charity know this too. Give the charity a rough idea of how much they’ll receive.

In return, charities can provide examples of how your donations can make a difference. Share these with your audience to make their support more meaningful and tangible.

Online fundraising

Should you use social media and online fundraising tools to promote your fundraiser?

Yes, we encourage it. We’ve even put together some top tips to get you started.

Online fundraising. >

Involving other adults

If you’re part of a local Scout Group and involving other adults to help, please make sure they all have a CRB check and have completed the Occasional Helper (OH) form.

Photography, video and audio recording at Scout fundraisers

Photos, videos and audio footage are fantastic and we all need lots of it! These are known as digital assets. Use these to publicise your event on social media on the day, for post-event promotion and to help promote your next fundraiser.

These digital assets are considered personal data so you need to consider how they’re managed. Here’s some simple guidelines:

  1. Information and gaining permission – before the event takes place
  2. Point of capture – reminder during the event/ as the event is starting
  3. Managing digital assets – where they’ll be shared, how they’re stored and how long they’re kept for

Download the relevant consent forms for your fundraiser and its promotion.

Institute of fundraising

For further assistance and guidance, please visit the Institute of Fundraising.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about your fundraiser or Scout policy and guidelines, contact the Fundraising Team today.


Gift Aid FAQs

Don’t forget to make the most of Gift Aid to increase your fundraising total. Read our FAQs guide and download a Gift Aid declaration form for your event.

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How to set up a fundraiser

Take a look at our 5 top tips to help you set up your fundraiser.

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Online fundraising

Make the most of online fundraising to promote your event, boost your audience and win more donations. Our handy guide will help get you started.

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