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UK Headquarters membership fee

The UK Headquarters membership fee is calculated based on the number of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. Please note that there are different arrangements in place to set fees in the Nations, and as such, the Nations' Boards are responsible for setting the fees in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Adult volunteers and Network members do not pay a UKHQ membership fee. This means that:

  • no matter how big or small their time commitment, removing the adult UKHQ membership fee increases the incentives for more people to volunteer
  • no adult member should have to personally pay for volunteer membership
  • all volunteers can now be encouraged into membership roles to benefit from access to training, insurance, awards and direct communications
  • local administration is eased by removing discussion around who pays for an adult volunteer if they hold multiple roles, particularly if a member is between 18-25 and is a member of Scout Network and an adult volunteer.
  • local Scouting can now manage their membership fees in the same way across the UK. Research shows 86% of Scout adult volunteers already have their membership fee paid by local Scouting via young people’s subscriptions or fundraising

The membership fee process:

The census of all adult and youth members takes place in January using the same online system that has been used for over a decade. The fees payable will be calculated on only the number of young people in each Scout County/Area/Region (Scotland).

The 2022 UKHQ membership fee for all members under 18 will be £35.00 (£34.50 for prompt payment by 23 April 2022).

Counties/Areas/Regions can continue to choose the best method to fund payment of the UKHQ membership fee and how to collect this from their Districts. In turn, Districts can continue to choose the best method to fund payments to County/Area/Regions (which will also cover the UKHQ membership fee) and how these are collected from their Groups. Existing processes can continue for young people to pay a weekly/termly/annual subscription.

Read in detail the summary of the research conducted with members and the decision to make changes to membership fee paying process.

Changes in membership for Executive Committee members

Since January 2016, all adults on Executive Committees (at Group, District, County/Area and Region level) have been required to become members or associate members of the Scout Association. Read more information about the difference between being a member and an associate member.

It enables those volunteers with important responsibilities for Scouting to benefit from the resources, training, record of service, guidance, advice and support which comes with being a member, without causing any increase in local costs, as a membership fee will not need to be paid for them, as outlined above.

About the membership fee 


If you are a Group, District or County/Area/Region that needs to increase your income take a look at the guidance on local fundraising.

Read the fundraising guidance

Member research

The decision to make changes to the membership fee paying process was informed by research which started with members in 2011.

Read about the research in more detail