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Support for you

How your membership fees are spent

Your membership fees help Headquarters give our volunteers a wide range of support.

We're committed to making sure you have what you need to support young people, week in, week out. From reassuring safeguarding advice and insurance, through to support with growing Scouts, our services include:

Youth programme and activities

  • Programme support

Development of Scouting

  • Regional growth and development support
  • Support for the recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • Development grants

Adult support and training

  • Volunteer training
  • Induction and direct support to volunteer line managers
  • Safeguarding advice and support
  • Scout Support Centre
  • 24/7 critical incident support

Support and services to the Scouts Movement

  • Disclosure checking service
  • Insurance for all members
  • Legal services
  • National media profile supporting volunteer recruitment and inclusive growth
  • Member communications and brand centre
  • Archive and heritage service​
Graphic showing Scouts' spend on charitable activities.

Membership fees account for 60% of the net income into UK Headquarters. We work hard to generate further income from fundraising, corporate partnerships, Scout Store, Scout Adventures and our Scout insurance provider, Unity, to help keep membership fees down.

You, our volunteers, are our most precious resource. Thanks for everything you do.