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Gift aid and charity status

From 2020, if your County, Area or Region claims gift aid, we’ve asked how much you have received. We have asked this question because we’re trying to understand the different amounts of gift aid that is claimed on average in different economic areas – this is part of our ‘extending reach’ programme of work. Not sure what gift aid is or how to claim it? Please click here. Please enter a value rounded to the nearest £1.

If your County, Area or Region is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales, OSCR in Scotland, or the Charity Commission in Northern Ireland, we ask you to provide your charity registration number. Please note that isn’t the same as a gift aid, or HMRC registration number. This information will give us an accurate picture of the number of Groups, Districts and Counties across the UK that are registered with the regulators and will feed directly in to the governance programme of work currently underway.If you aren’t sure, you can use the charity regulator websites to search for registered charities in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Constitution and County, Area or Region Executive Committee

From 2020, we’ve asked for slightly more information about how your executive committee is made up, including how many are under 25 year olds are members, and how many other adults have a leader role in Scouts.

We’ve also asked if the District’s formally adopted a constitution at one of its AGM’s. There’s a standard constitution in POR (5.16) which is used by many Districts, but this, or another constitution should be formally adopted. If you aren’t sure if this has ever been done, we’ve provided an option for ‘not known’. This will provide the governance programme of work with a clear understanding of the various constitution models that are currently in place across UK Scouts.

Other Property

If your County, Area or Region owns, leases or rents any other land or buildings, in addition to your section’s main meeting places, can you tell us whether this is freehold, leasehold, is rented or is used with no cost. You can select multiple options if more than one applies. This is also part of our governance programme of work and this information will give us an accurate picture of the level of property ownership of Groups, Districts and Counties across the UK.