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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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First Aid training updates

May 2023

Updates to first aid pages to reflect the blended model being available across the UK and to signpost to external providers. 

March 2023

New guidance to support the recording of first aid training on Compass and how to use the data to manage first aid training and compliance. 

October 2022

Following our members' request, we have:

September 2022

From 7th September an update in POR will go live affecting members relating to first aid.

  • POR Updates – all first aid rules previously contained within Chapter 9 have been moved to rule 9.2. This also clarifies that as well as having access to first aid materials available at all events and activities someone should be trained to use these materials and deliver first aid should it be required, with the level of training and number of people being determined by the risk assessment.

From 5th September content relating to the management of first aid during COVID has been removed and information relating to the practical validation has been added to the information for trainers.

From 1st September a number of updates are live affecting members relating to first aid.

  • Blended first response training (a mixture of both online and in-person training) - is here to stay and will be moved to the new learning experience system at an appropriate time in the future.
  • Compass We've made an update to Compass which means that completion of 10A first aid training should be recorded in a learner's PLP not within the mandatory ongoing learning (MOGL). MOGL will automatically be populated upon completion of 10B within a learners PLP or by manually populating it based on a learner fully completing first response or a full first aid certificate.

These September updates were outlined in a recent webinar, watch the recording.

April 2022

December 2021

  • Update to the COVID safe first aid training guidance, extending the use of the approved blended model until 31st August 2022.

November 2021

  • Update to the COVID safe first aid guidance, offering more support on the use of manikins for CPR and how this is done safely and practically at this time.

June 2021

  • Update to the trainer validation for first aid trainers, this is being used as a pilot for the validation of modules 28 and 29.
  • Update to the first aid FAQs to reflect the move to members being compliant by January 2022.
  • Update to the COVID safe first aid guidance, offering more support on working with other organisations and to reflect the move to members being compliant by January 2022. 
  • Update to the first aid trainer pages to provide more support on working with other organisations.
  • Update to the first aid learner page to reflect the move to members being compliant by January 2022.

26 February 2021

  • Updates to the COVID safe first aid guidance to include a blended model.
  • Update to the first aid trainers page to refer to the blended model and to confirm the trainer requirements.
  • Update to the first aid page for learners to clarify the new syllabus and different delivery models available.

1 February 2021 - Tweaks to first response resources

In response to feedback following the updated first response being launched in November 2020 we have updated resources with the following tweaks, a fuller review of content will be undertaken every six months in order to update based on feedback from members and changes externally in first aid training. Please make sure that as a first aid trainer you are using the current versions of resources available on the trainers page.

  • Trainer notes and session plan
    • Updated text relating to recommended publication
    • updated typos
    • added acknowledgement to St John Ambulance for permission to use their videos
    • added statement about COVID CPR on children
    • Updated compass recording section based on changes to module 10
    • Removed reference to resource library
    • Added signs and symptoms of heart attack - page 32
    • Added treatment of seizures - page 34
    • Updated signs and symptoms for sepsis - page 36
  • PowerPoint
    • updated typos
    • added acknowledgement to St John Ambulance for permission to use their videos
    • added statement about COVID CPR on children
    • Updated notes on slide 57 heart attack signs and symptoms
    • Updated treatment text to slide 59 seizures
    • Added previously omitted content about sepsis in slides 64 and 65
  • Scenarios
    • Updated to make not gender specific

January 2021 - Updated FAQs

View the updated first aid training FAQs.

December 2020 - COVID safe first aid training

Guidance launched and communications to Counties, Regions/Nations to explain how to safely deliver first aid training and get accessibility for members to this essential training. Information and resources available here.

November 2020 - First response updates

We’re pleased to share the updated first response training package in partnership with Girlguiding. As part of the move to this new syllabus, we’ll no longer be offering refresher courses, but instead will be offering the 6-hour programme in 3 bitesize sessions, 2 of which can be delivered online.

The new syllabus and trainer resources are now available for the updated first response training. This training can still be offered in partnership with Girlguiding. We're still looking into how we can deliver the face-to-face elements, but for now please check it out and try to familiarise yourself with the new content and how you may deliver the online elements.

June 2020 COVID-19 first aid extension:

Whilst face to face scouting is suspended or operating with restrictions, no face to face first aid training is able to take place. Delivering first aid training face to face is especially challenging where elements of the programme are required to be demonstrated by participants in order to complete the course (for example CPR). This challenge means that the completion of online training is not possible and won’t allow people to complete the full requirements of first response. Whilst we understand trainers will use the opportunity of volunteers being at home to go through theory and pre-work to make face-to-face courses shorter, all first aid validation will still need to take place in person, as well the practical elements of the course.

We know that there will be a backlog of people requiring first aid training once we reach Green readiness level and are in a position to allow practical first aid training to return. So in order to reduce the impact of this we are allowing members an extension to their existing first aid expiry date, lasting for six months after their area reaches Green readiness level. It's hoped that in this time members will be able to access the first aid training they require for their role and not prevent any scout activities from taking place.

We will continue to monitor the readiness levels and what is safe and practical to deliver at the time, however if anyone experiences any challenges with this then they should discuss this with their line manager.

POR Updates January 2019

A review of first aid provision within Scouting has been undertaken which has resulted in a task and finish group being established consisting of members with a variety of roles and backgrounds. This group has been working through a set of recommendations which are intended to improve the first aid provision within the Scouts. The first phase of outcomes from this work relates to the requirements for first aid in remote environments, and also the duration between members undertaking first aid training.

Updated Resources:

New Resources:

  • First Aid FAQs – This is a new resource, developed following feedback from members during the project and the pre-launch checks phase.

Work is ongoing to review the existing content of the First Response course and associated materials.

The original transition period agreed for First Aid training was until the end of December 2020. Based on wider changes to other mandatory ongoing training and the challenges currently being faced in renewing First Aid training at the current time, the transition period has been extended to align to the other training and so will also be to 30 September 2021.

First Response

Further information regarding the appropriateness of First Aid qualifications.

Find out more about First Response

Safe Scouting and Emergency Procedures

The Purple card provides support for safe Scouting and guidance in the procedures for dealing with an emergency.

Read the Purple Card