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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

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First Aid Compliance and Reporting

First aid compliance reports and data

Detailed reports identifying those leaders who are currently ‘non-compliant’ are distributed monthly to County Commissioners and District Commissioners. These reports should be seen as the most accurate available. Extracting data directly from Compass via Training / Adult Training / Module details is no longer accurate.  

Volunteers who have previously held a role that required first aid or have chosen to complete the training but no longer have a role or requirement to keep this training up to date will not show on the HQ compliance report. 

Recording First Response on Compass

During the pandemic we introduced a two-part blended first aid model which separated first aid theory (10a) from first aid practical (10b). This gave added flexibility at a time when face to face training was not possible. 

This model was popular with leaders and is now one of three available to learners needing to complete their first aid. However, a two-part model does have an impact when it comes to the recording of first aid training. Compass was designed for single item entry i.e. one module with one completion date, which works fine for the majority of learning records, but in order for first aid learning to be visible on compass, we need the information to be added in a particular way, as described below.  

Only add first aid records to a learner’s PLP 

All records of First Aid learning (including ongoing) should be added to a PLP, never to Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL). Once both 10a and 10b are complete on the PLP they will automatically show in the MOGL.

Recording first aid on Compass 

Once the Practical (10b) is validated, MOGL is automatically updated from the PLP. The validation date should always be the date of that the individual learning was completed, not the date it’s entered onto Compass. 

Firstly select the most appropriate PLP, if the person has more than one role. This would normally be the primary role and / or one requiring a Wood Badge. 

  1. If First Aid Learning (10a) and First Aid Practical (10b) are in the PLP and are unvalidated, proceed to update and validate. 
  2. If First Aid Learning (10a) and First Aid Practical (10b) are not in the PLP, they should be added to the PLP and then validated. This applies even if a Wood Badge has already been awarded. 
  3. If First Aid Learning (10a) and First Aid Practical (10b) are in the PLP and have previously been validated, the modules should be added again to the PLP and then validated. This applies even if a Wood Badge has already been awarded.

Ways of completing first aid learning

  • both 10A and 10B – By attending a six-hour (or 3 x two-hour sessions) face to face First Response Course 
  • both 10A and 10B – Professions with First Aid training. See detail here. 
  • 10A only – by taking part in the three two-hour online sessions covering Life Support, Trauma & Injury and Major Illnesses 
  • 10A only – By undertaking the online Independent Learning (currently hosted by Hampshire Scouts) and then participating in an online trainer facilitated session 
  • both 10A and 10B – By undertaking a work-based course of at least six hours, delivered by a regulated provider and then covering those areas not included in the course syllabus. This often includes, for example, child CPR and sepsis/meningitis. There are a number of ways of doing this including further trainer input and undertaking an online conversion course (currently hosted by Hampshire Scouts) 
  • 10B only – By demonstrating (or instructing a trainer) the ability to perform and knowledge of a) Approach and assessment of a scenario; b) CPR for an adult; c) CPR for a child. This is normally a short 15-/20- minute session and must be undertaken after First Aid Learning (10A) is validated in order to be compliant. 

Compass – We've made an update to Compass which means that completion of First Aid Learning (10A) and First Aid Practical (10B) should be recorded in a learner's PLP not within the mandatory ongoing learning (MOGL). MOGL will automatically be populated upon completion of 10B within a learner's PLP.  

To confirm if a role requires First Aid training to be completed, see the Roles Table in Chapter 16. Adult Roles of POR. 

  • Modules 10a and 10b were introduced in October 2020. From October 2020 to Sept 2022 volunteers were deemed compliant once they had completed module 10a only.  
  • In September 2022 module 10a was removed from the MOGL on records on Compass and so now longer shows completion of this module if it was only entered into the MOGL and not into a PLP beforehand.  

First Response

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