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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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News | 17 November 2022

Bear Grylls launches Never Give Up badges and neckerchief


We’re thrilled to announce that our Chief Scout has launched a special Scouts Never Give Up cloth badge, pin badge and neckerchief.

Bear Grylls holds up the Never Give Up cloth badge towards the camera

This is Bear’s very own badge and neckerchief.

They can be awarded to any young person or adult volunteer in Scouts who’s shown resilience, tenacity and courage – in other words, that ‘never give up’ spirit.

To recognise those who just keep going

The Never Give Up cloth badge, pin and neckerchief can be awarded at the discretion of a local volunteer as an encouragement or ‘well done’ to any Scout or volunteer locally who’s struggling with something, persevering, or making a particularly strong effort.

The items are available exclusively from Scout Store, and may be bought by UK Scouts volunteers only. 

It’s a non-uniform badge, there are no specific requirements, and these are separate from Scouts’ existing awards, which remain as important as ever.

There's also a Never Give Up badge certificate template you can personalise on the brand centre. 

The Never Give Up cloth badge and pin
The Never Give Up cloth badge and pin

To be awarded at a special moment

Bear has suggested that these should be given at a special moment – perhaps at the end of the Scout term, the last night of a camp or after a challenge has been completed. They’re something truly special.

‘I’m super proud to be launching our Never Give Up badge,’ says Bear. ‘This stands for resilience, keeping going, determination, grit. Never give up!’

The Never Give Up metal pin badge and neckerchief are also available and may be given to the Scout at the same time as the cloth badge.

The Never Give Up necker
The Never Give Up necker

Celebrating young people and volunteers

There are many ways to recognise our members’ achievement and contribution to the movement. The best and most obvious for young people are the awards and badges within our programme itself, working towards the top award for each age range.

We also have a wide range of ways to recognise people with our national awards and recognition. This includes our Chief Scout’s Personal Award.

It's so important to celebrate our volunteers for their amazing work, especially if they're new. Take a look at our resources for celebrating new volunteers to help you say 'thank you' in the best way possible. 

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