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Blog | 01 November 2021

TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make their #PromiseToThePlanet at a Glaswegian Scout Group


Today, TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a Scout Group in Glasgow as part of their visit to COP26 to take part in our #PromiseToThePlanet campaign.

For the last year, 57 million Scouts across the globe have been working on their #PromisetothePlanet – taking action to help tackle climate change.

At the home of many Scout meetings in Glasgow, Alexandra Park Sports Hub, TRH took part in three activities with our young people, all of which support our #PromiseToThePlanet campaign and help create a more sustainable future.


TRH helped Cub Scouts change the tyres and inner tubes on some bikes being refurbished for the local community.

The centre has a bike recycling facility where young people are taught how to refurbish bikes and use this sustainable form of transport in the community.

Seed bombing

TRH made seed bombs with the Cubs and rewilded the area around the community centre.

By making and planting seed bombs, young people can understand more about the role plants and flowers play in protecting our future.

Planet-friendly cooking

They also made and cooked their own delicious COP26 burgers together – vegetarian burgers made from aubergine, beetroot, garlic and lentils, helping them understand the benefits of low impact foods.

The forest of promises

TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then spoke to one of our One Step Greener Ambassadors about our ‘Forest of promises’.

This is a tree bearing promises (written on leaves) from Scouts that’ll be positioned at the heart of COP26 later this week. It highlights to world leaders not only that they must consider their responsibility to young people, but also that young people are ready and willing to play a part in the legacy of COP26, shaping a sustainable future.

Throughout COP26, new leaves created in the Green Zone will be taken through and added to the tree in the Blue Zone where young people from across the globe are making their promises.

TRH added to the Forest of promises with their own promises, too.

We’d like to thank TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for taking part in #PromiseToThePlanet and all of the Scouts in Glasgow for making their visit so special. You’re all amazing.

To play your part and take action against climate change you can still make a #PromiseToThePlanet, here’s how.

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