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Blogs | 30th September 2019

How are Scouts tackling period stigma and period poverty?

Scouts are linking with period charities to learn about menstruation, period stigma, period poverty – and what they can do to help.

Updates | 30th September 2019

Changes to our beta website

Update on the Scouts new website.

Blogs | 20th September 2019

What makes an amazing leader?

Chris James thinks back on his time as a Scout, and asks that tricky question – what makes an amazing leader?

Blogs | 19th September 2019

Going above and beyond: Explorer Scouts

if you volunteer with Explorer Scouts, read our advice for helping them through tough times.

Blogs | 17th September 2019

Try shadow puppetry with your Scouts

Telling tales by torchlight is a pastime Scouts have always enjoyed. Here, we explore the ancient art of shadow puppetry, and share some shapes to recreate on your next camp

Blogs | 17th September 2019

A whole new way to see dyslexia

Why building confidence in those with dyslexia helps them thrive (and how Scouts can help)