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Blogs | 19th December 2019

Graeme Hamilton made Deputy UK Chief Commissioner

We’re thrilled to announce that Graeme Hamilton has been made Deputy UK Chief Commissioner.

Blogs | 12th December 2019

5 last-minute gifts to suit each and every Scout

Missed someone important off your list? Fear not, friend. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites from Scout Store.

Blogs | 10th December 2019

How to beat the winter blues

Low mood is common in autumn and winter, but it’s possible to fight the winter blues. Here are seven top tips to beat low feelings.

Blogs | 3rd December 2019

Activities to help your young people learn how to bounce back

We all know that it’s important to be able to pick yourself up and carry on when things go wrong. The good news is that resilience isn’t something you’re born with (or without): everyone can develop the skills they need to be resilient. Plenty of the activities on our Scouts programme planning tool are designed to help young people learn how to adapt to challenges and bounce back, all while looking after their wellbeing. Here are five of our favourite resilience-building activities.

Blogs | 3rd December 2019

So, what are four and five year olds getting up to?

We’re piloting Scouts for four and five years old, but what are they getting up to? We took a look at the pilot programme, how it was designed, and how they’re getting on.

Blogs | 3rd December 2019

Scouts reveals six ways to build a resilient younger generation

The majority of parents believe life is harder for young people today than 20 years ago (54%): that’s the finding of our new YouGov poll. With young people facing a non-stop barrage of social media, alarming global news, and increased school and careers pressure, we’re urgently calling for action to help equip a new generation with the skills they need to bounce back in the face of adversity.