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Guidance and support related to the pandemic.

Last reviewed: 6th April 2021

Getting back together safely - Information for Leaders

England: Following the government announcement confirming the move to step 2 of the COVID roadmap we are working with the National Youth Agency to confirm what this means for the youth sector and the Scouts, we will update the readiness level table and communicate this to volunteers as soon as we have more information.
Read the information for leaders

Guidance for parents on getting back to Scouts

Guidance for parents about how your local Group may be approaching their Scouts activities.

Read the information for parents

UK Headquarters Contact Information

Scouts Information Centre: We’re not able to take phone calls at the moment. You can  email us or click the purple ‘Chat’ button on the bottom right of the page. You’ll be connected to one of our advisors from 9am – 5pm on weekdays, or you can leave a message outside of our opening times.

Scout Adventures: If you have any enquiries related to an existing booking or a new one please, in the first instance, email Our phone lines are currently not being monitored, please email.

How you can help others

  • Throughout our history, Scouts have helped other people and supported their communities in times of crisis. Find out how you can play your part by supporting young people and the community during the coronavirus crisis.

Financial Support


Claiming on insurance: If your Group receives an income or rent from others using your building and you have property and equipment insurance through Unity you can read their blog for more information.

Rate relief: There may be rate relief available for Scout premises, contact your local authority for details.

Safeguarding concerns and safety incidents

Producing a local badge

If you're thinking of producing a local badge, please read these instructions carefully first.

  • Groups, Districts and Counties may produce a badge locally to support fundraising, online events or activities, but it must be clearly identified as a local badge (featuring your Group, District or County name) and have the permission of the relevant local commissioner.
  • No badge should be named or styled after the Coronavirus or COVID-19 illness, as this would be inappropriate.
  • Any badge which uses Scout Trade Marks and is intended to be distributed nationally must first have written permission of headquarters as per Chapter 14 of POR.
  • The Great Indoors Badge is to support Scouts at home. For the first time in history, this badge allows everyone to take part, regardless of whether theyre a Scout or not.

Bereavement support

  • Bereavement Support:The following guidance has been created to support you in the event of a bereavement in your group.

Executive Committees