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Scottish songs

Perform a famous Scottish song with a personalised twist.
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You will need

  • Device to play music
Scottish song ideas
PDF – 103.2KB

Before you begin

  • Get familiar with the tune you want to use for the activity. We’ve included a few suggestions on the ‘Scottish song ideas’ sheet, but you could also choose your own.
  • Decide who people will perform to. Small groups could perform to one another or you could invite parents and carers to become an audience.

Learn the tune

  1. The person leading the activity should explain which song they’ve chosen. They should explain why they chose it, including how it links to the Scotland.
  2. The person leading the activity should play the song. Everyone should listen carefully.
  3. Everyone should split into small groups. The person leading the activity should give each group a copy of the lyrics, and everyone should try singing or humming the song or tapping out its beat.
  4. Each group should try to re-write the lyrics to make them personal. They could decide to make it the lyrics about their adventures together, their friendship, a favourite memory, or something else entirely.
  5. Everyone should have plenty of time to practise until they’re feeling confident with the song.
  6. Groups should take it in turns to take to the spotlight. They could perform the original song or their new lyrics.


This activity was a chance for everyone to try something new. Some people may be used to performing songs, but it might be other people’s first time! Everyone should try to think of a song that makes them feel happy and share it with the person next to them. How did singing make people feel? People might have noticed that singing made them feel happy or calm, or close to their friends.


Music and films

Make sure music and films are age appropriate for the youngest person present.

All activities must be safely managed. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.