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Cubs Thistle Award

Cubs Thistle Award

The Thistle Awards provide a focus on Scotland, it’s people, and culture — whilst being fun and challenging for young people.

Complete nine tasks with three from each section.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Outdoor and adventure
    1. Go on a nature ramble and make a poster of all the different local flora and fauna that you spot.
    2. Camp at one of the Scottish Scouts Adventure Centres (Lochgoilhead, Meggernie or Fordell Firs).
    3. Take part in your own mini Highland games.
    4. Visit a National Trust for Scotland/Historic Scotland/ Scottish Natural Heritage site or similar.
    5. Go on a haggis hunt.
    6. Try two new sports which are played in Scotland.
  2. Skills
    1. Cook and serve a simple traditional Scottish meal.
    2. Learn and recite a Scottish poem or verse.
    3. Bake a traditional Scottish teatime treat.
    4. Perform a Scottish Song. This could be by singing or playing an instrument.
    5. Learn some simple phrases in Gaelic.
    6. Keep a diary for a week of what food and drinks you have. Highlight which foods are Scottish and those which you think are healthy. Discuss with the rest of your pack.
  3. World
    1. Take part in an international Scouting event.
    2. Create a link with a Cub Pack from a different country.
    3. Visit an International camp (like Blair Atholl), or invite a participant from an International camp to come to talk to you about their experience.
    4. Find out about your local area and what it was like in the past, and present your findings to others.
    5. Invite someone from a Scottish charity to speak to your Pack about their work.
    6. Visit a significant religious site in Scotland.

September 2019.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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