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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Rice, rice, tasty

First suggested by Scouts Madagascar
Whip up a refreshing glass of ranovola, a Madagascan toasted rice treat.

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You’ll need

  • Pans
  • Access to water
  • Stoves
  • Sieve
  • Cooked rice

Before you begin

  • Use the safety checklist to help you plan and risk assess your activity. Additional help to carry out your risk assessment, including examples can be found here.  Don’t forget to make sure all young people and adults involved in the activity know how to take part safely.
  • Make sure you’ll have enough helpers for each team to have one. You may need some parents and carers to help out if you’re short on helpers.
  • We think this activity works best when you run it as a side activity during a meeting, or when you run it half a group at a time. This helps reduce the amount of equipment you’ll need too.
  • Review the safety information on gas stoves before you get stuck in.

Set up the stoves

  1. Everyone should form a horseshoe shape so they can see the person leading the activity.
  2. The person leading the activity should get a stove. They should show everyone how to safely put it together and take it apart. They should answer people’s questions and repeat steps if people are unsure.
  1. The person leading the activity must tell everyone about how to use the equipment safely, including how to connect the fuel, what the main risks are, and how to control these risks.
  2. Everyone should find a space and set up their own stove.
  3. An adult must check that each person’s equipment is safe. 

Rice to ranovola

  1. Add a cup of cooked rice to a pan over a medium heat, constantly stir and move the rice around to make sure it doesn’t burn.
  1. Keep cooking the rice until it smells toasty and most of the water is cooked out. The rice should go almost completely dry – when you stir it, it should sound like you’re stirring a bunch of pebbles.
  1. Once the rice is toasted, take it off the heat and add one and a half litres of hot water.
  1. Let the rice water cool to room temperature, pour it through a sieve and serve. You can add ice for a cooler drink.

If you’re doing this activity as part of Black History Month, make sure everyone understands that black history is a part of history that people can (and should) learn about all year round. 

This activity has been chosen as it celebrates Black food. 

Black History Month encourages people to think about the contributions, achievements and history of black people, originating in the United States. In the UK, we celebrate Black History Month in October. It’s a time to highlight the achievements and people of the Black community, and celebrate their contributions to the UK.


This activity was all about trying something brand new. Keeping an open mind towards new flavours, cultures, and experiences can help people to find brand new, amazing things. While a quick rice drink might not be the key to unlocking a whole new world of culture, the mindset of embracing new things might just be. What did people think the ranovola would taste like? How did they feel about trying it? Maybe people felt a bit unsure if it was different to things they’d tried before. What did it taste like? Were people glad they’d given it a go, even if ranovola isn’t their new favourite beverage?


All activities must be safely managed. You must complete a thorough risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Use the safety checklist to help you plan and risk assess your activity. Always get approval for the activity, and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.


Teach young people how to use cooking equipment safely. Supervise them appropriately throughout. Make sure it’s safe to use and follow manufacturers’ guidelines for use.

Fires and stoves

Make sure anyone using fires and stoves is doing so safely. Check that the equipment and area are suitable and have plenty of ventilation. Follow the gas safety guidance. Have a safe way to extinguish the fire in an emergency.


Remember to check for allergies, eating problems, fasting or dietary requirements and adjust the recipe as needed. Make sure you’ve suitable areas for storing and preparing food and avoid cross contamination of different foods. Take a look at our guidance on food safety and hygiene.

Think carefully about the stoves and equipment used to make sure everyone can try this out.

All Scout activities should be inclusive and accessible.

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