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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Camp pancakes

A simple pancake recipe so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast on your next camp – or try them at home!

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You’ll need

  • Stoves and fuel
  • Frying pan
  • Jug
  • Large bowl
  • Fork or whisk
  • Spatula
  • Air tight container (if making on camp)
  • Ingredients (see below)

Before you begin 

  • Use the safety checklist to help you plan and risk assess your activity. Take a look at our guidance to help you carry out your risk assessment, including examples.  
  • Make sure all young people and adults involved in the activity know how to take part safely.
  • Make sure you’ll have enough adult helpers. You may need some parents and carers to help if you’re short on helpers. 
  • Check for allergies, intolerances, fasting, food-related medical conditions, eating disorders, food sensitivities or dietary requirements, then adjust the food items used as needed. This may include making sure there’s no cross-contamination of packaging and no cross-contamination during the storage, preparation, cooking and serving. 
  • You may need to use separate chopping boards, equipment and utensils, such as tongs or toasters, for different dietary requirements, allergies and foods.
  • If you’re unsure, check with the young person and their parents or carers. You can check with the adult directly if it’s a volunteer or helper.
  • Some people may not like certain food textures or tastes and that’s OK. People don’t need to use all the ingredients if they don’t want to, and no-one should be made to try foods if they don’t want to. You can try to find an alternative for them. 





  • 500g self-raising flour
  • 4 tbsp golden caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 125g natural yoghurt
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • Oil for frying
  • Oranges for serving
  • Pinch of salt
  • Maple syrup or other toppings

Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 10 mins

Makes: about 12 pancakes

Make your pancakes

  1. Combine all the dry ingredients. If you’re making these on camp, you can do this at home and tip them into an airtight container to pack.
  2. When you’re ready to make your first batch of pancakes, tip the yoghurt into a jug with the egg and milk and mix with the fork or whisk.
  3. Clean and dry the yoghurt pot so you can use it to add a scoop of dry mix to a bowl.
  4. Create a well in the middle of the dry mix, add the wet ingredients, and then beat together into a smooth batter.
  5. Heat a frying pan and add some oil. Add tablespoons of batter to the pan, not too close together and cook for 2-3 minutes until bubbles appear.
  6. Flip and continue cooking until the pancakes are firm.
  7. Add more oil and keep cooking pancakes until all the batter is used up.
  8. Serve with orange wedges and enjoy your pancakes as part of a balanced breakfast!


This activity was about developing skills – learning how to cook simple recipes is a great skill for any keen camper! This pancake recipe is a great way to try out a healthy meal and level up your camp cooking. Does anyone have any other ideas for happy, healthy meals you could create at camp?

A healthy lifestyle means something different to different people, and the meals we eat are just one part of it. Can anyone think of other things that are important? You could chat about getting active, sleeping well or looking after our mental health.


All activities must be safely managed. You must complete a thorough risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Use the safety checklist to help you plan and risk assess your activity. Always get approval for the activity, and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.


Teach young people how to use cooking equipment safely. Supervise them appropriately throughout. Make sure it’s safe to use and follow manufacturers’ guidelines for use.

Fires and stoves

Make sure anyone using fires and stoves is doing so safely. Check that the equipment and area are suitable and have plenty of ventilation. Follow the gas safety guidance. Have a safe way to extinguish the fire in an emergency.


Remember to check for allergies, eating problems, fasting or dietary requirements and adjust the recipe as needed. Make sure you’ve suitable areas for storing and preparing food and avoid cross contamination of different foods. Take a look at our guidance on food safety and hygiene.

For vegan and gluten-free pancakes, use oat flour instead, adding 2 tsp baking powder and ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda for every 150g of flour. Swap the milk for an unsweetened plant-based substitute. Swap dairy yoghurt for a vegan alternative. Use sunflower oil for frying your pancakes.

Remember to ask your group if anyone has any allergies or dietary requirements before the session. There are suggestions in Change the level of the challenge for a version free from milk and eggs – you could use gluten free flour too.

All Scout activities should be inclusive and accessible.

Continue working towards the Beavers Health and Fitness Activity Badge and try out some agility exercises like Dodgeball dream team or Heart rate relay.