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Hybrid working

Hybrid working

What hybrid working means to Scouts

'Hybrid working' (by this we mean the ability to work at more than one physical location). Please note that this does not apply to staff whose work
needs to be undertaken on our premises and others who are contractually based at their own homes because they work in local communities throughout England.


  • We trust you to do your work wherever, however and whenever it is best done, but the overriding requirement above that will be the needs of the organisation
  • Hybrid working will be optional – we will always provide a space to work within our offices during the working week
  • Flexibility is a two way street
  • Flexibility is not just for a specific reason (e.g. having caring responsibilities)
  • Trust doesn’t need to be earned – it starts from day one of employment at Scouts
  • Our strong commitment to collaboration means there will be times when you have to  physically be at a location/office
  • The amount of time needed for collaborative working will be different for different roles and teams
  • There will be more focus on outcomes than hours spent working
  • You are encouraged to prioritise your wellbeing
  • We'll create an office environment at Gilwell Park – and elsewhere – which is so good that you will want to spend time there