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Guidance for applicants

Guidance for applicants

It really matters to us that we invite people to come and work at Scouts that share our values and are committed to helping us build Skills For Life for young people.

Therefore, we take our recruitment processes seriously and make sure we are testing the right areas. However, we also want to make sure we enable you to shine through the process and that you’re able to demonstrate your strengths and capabilities.

If you decide that you do want to apply to join our team, here is some advice to help you on the way.

We’ll often use different selection methods depending on the role and the skills and experience we’re looking for. You'll be asked to apply through our online portal and to submit an up to date CV. We will then use this to shortlist a final group of candidates. If you're shortlisted, you’d normally expect to be invited for a panel interview which would include the manager of the role, someone from our recruitment team and usually another manager or team member from the Scouts. Sometimes we may also ask you to give a presentation or undertake a written exercise depending on the role.

If you come to an interview, we’ll let you know what the decision-making process is and when we’ll be able to let you know the outcome.

If you’re unsuccessful in one of our interviews we’ll always take the time to offer you some constructive feedback to help with your future applications and preparation.

You can apply for any of our roles using our online portal and you can read our full Recruitment and Selection Policy.

Good luck with your application.