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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Prevent food poisoning

Prevent food poisoning

These are some of the main ways of breaking the food poisoning chain:

  • Keep food covered wherever possible.

  • Do not use damaged or dirty equipment.

  • Clean and sanitise with anti-bacterial spray all work surfaces, before and after use.

  • Handle food as little as possible. If possible tongs or similar should be used in preference to hands.

  • Raw and cooked foods must be kept separate at all stages of preparation, storage and distribution.

  • Insects, animals and birds must be prevented from entering or living in food preparation or storage areas. Remember squirrels are also pests and are very clever. Keep all packet foods in lidded containers; squirrels can however chew through plastic.

  • Wash your hands after smoking, sneezing, coughing, after visiting the toilet, handling rubbish as well as before and after handling food. Clothes/Aprons should also be clean.

  • Ensure waste food and refuse is removed from food preparation areas regularly.

  • Do not allow dried foods to become moist, as this will encourage the growth of bacteria and moulds.

  • Destruction of bacteria within food can be achieved by thorough cooking.