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Planning Safe Activities

Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Play Equipment

These are a fun item to include in activity days but require some special consideration about the potential from serious accidents if not properly set up and supervised.  This guidance from RoSPA will help your planning.

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Firework Safety

This has such potential for serious incidents if it goes wrong that careful planning and adherence to the HSE guidance is a must.  This information will steer you in the right direction.

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Party/Fiesta Tent Guidance

Lightweight and easy to maintain, plastic framed party type tents have become a good value option to traditional canvas mess tents – however the type of use for them needs to be considered carefully.

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Hot Weather Advice

Although the UK is not known for its high temperatures we do experience heat waves from time to time. This guidance is designed to support leaders in preparing and delivering Scouting during hot weather.

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Cold Weather Avice

Guidance coming soon.

Risk Assessments

This guidance is to help you minimise risk both before and during an activity or event. 

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