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Giving you a helpful reminder

To help us make sure that everyone completes their training, we’re sending members regular reminders.

Keeping everyone safe is our number one priority. We are proud to say that safety of young people and volunteers is at the heart of our culture.

We all need to take responsibility to make sure our young people and members feel safe. Every one of us has a role to play.

Keeping more than 600,000 members safe across the UK is a big task, but we know the importance of giving people the right knowledge to know how to act safely and respond when they have concerns. Training is an important part of this.

So we know everyone is up-to-date with the latest knowledge and policies, it’s important we make sure everyone keeps their mandatory safety and safeguarding training up-to-date according to our rules. First aid and our wood badge training also play a big part. 

To help everyone to keep their training up-to-date we’re sending some regular emails to members:

  • One for when their safety and/or safeguarding training is 60 days away from expiring
  • One for when their safety and/or safeguarding training is 30 days away from expiring
  • One for members whose safety, safeguarding, first aid and wood badge training has expired.

Reminder emails

Every member will receive an email when their safety and/or safeguarding training is due to expire in 60 and 30 days.

Click here to view the reminder emails

Overdue training emails

Members whose training has expired will receive emails supporting them to complete their training.

Click here to view overdue training emails