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How to start a Squirrel Drey

Everything you need to know to get started in opening your own Squirrel Drey.

Are you ready to open a Squirrel Drey?

Steps to opening a Drey

1. Talk to your Group Scout Leader and District Commissioner about opening up a Drey.

2. Take time to review the Are you ready to open a Squirrel Drey form.

3. Review and complete the Group Scout Leader online expression of interest form.

4. Once accepted you'll be contacted by a Programme Delivery Executive who'll introduce you to the cohort process and invite you to attend a Welcome to Squirrels session. 

5. Review the checklists to support volunteers and help you to prepare for opening your Drey.

6. Continue exploring our website to learn more about Squirrels. 

7. Find out more about the ongoing support we offer.

Squirrels cost calculator

This handy Excel sheet helps you budget for the creation and running of a new Drey. It’s completely editable.

Consider the cost calculator >