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What can I do?

Become a Green Champion

Complete a five step programme which makes a positive impact in your community. This could be improving habitats for birds, bugs and bees, learning about the importance of trees and plants, or taking positive steps toward recycling and reducing waste.

An illustration of a girl with long, flowing ginger hair wrapping her arms around a variety of plants and creatures.

Choose your theme

Not sure what theme to choose? Play ‘Go green’ to learn about each theme and vote for your favourite.

Run this activity

Join the Green Young Leaders’ Scheme

Learn how to run the Green Champion programme with the section you support, and become a Green Young Leader in the process.

An illustration of people observing and engaging with the environment.

Build a better relationship with nature

Humans are part of the natural world – our minds and bodies work best when we are connected with nature. Try activities which help you engage with the five brilliant and important ways to make nature part of our lives.

An illustration of various gardening tools, including spades, forks, shovels and watering cans.

When the University of Derby did some research, they came up with ways that people can build a better relationship with nature – a relationship that helps themselves and the planet. They suggest five ways to be closer to nature and improve wellbeing:

  1. Sensory contact with the natural world
  2. Finding an emotional bond with, and love for, nature
  3. Taking time to appreciate the beauty of nature
  4. Thinking about the meaning and signs of nature
  5. Showing compassion and care for nature