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Activity Checklist

Activity Checklist

When planning to include outdoor and adventure in your programme, there are a number of things to think about:

1. Check the A-Z

The Scout Association requires you hold a permit for a number of activities if you wish to deliver them. Every activity has a specific set of rules to support the safe delivery of the activity for young people. These rules include information on when a permit or qualification is required.

This should be the first place you look when wanting to deliver something new.

Alongside each activity you’ll find links to rules and guidance.

You’ll find step-by-step guides to the process you’ll need to follow depending on whether you want to deliver the activity yourself, or use an external provider.

2. Excitement not danger

A successful adventure will be exciting and memorable. In order to achieve this we need to make sure we consider the potential hazards and dangers and how we can plan to minimise these as much as possible. Carrying out a risk assessment is a key part of your plan.

Read the guidance on planning and assessing risk.

3. Stay InTouch

In Scouting we have the InTouch system, which is used to manage communications at all Scout activities and events. This means everyone involved is aware of what communication will take place between leaders, participants, and those not participating in the event.

It's a flexible system that allows those organising events to implement a process best suited to their particular circumstances. It also ensures there is a process in place in the event of an emergency.

How can you contact those not participating in the event?

  • Have you got up to date contact details for next-of-kin?
  • For Leaders, are Compass contact details up to date?
  • In an emergency, how will you contact those not at the event?

How will those not at the event contact you?

  • Do the parents have your or an available leaders number?
  • Will you be using a mobile, and if so, will it have enough battery?

If young people are leading the event, how will they contact you?

How will you contact your commissioner in an emergency?

4. Get your activity approved

Your District Commissioner is responsible for approving all activities for all the sectionsm within the District. This will usually be through your Group Scout Leader, District Explorer Scout Commissioner or District Scout Network Commissioner. They may want to see a copy of your risk assessment and InTouch system in order to approve it as an activity.

If you have any questions regarding the specific process, contact your line manager who will be able to give more specific details of your approval system.