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Themed Camps

From Space to Pirates, why not theme your camp for added fun!


Why not have a go at a survival themed camp with you group? Go back to basics, learn some new skills and try something new.

Survival Themed Camp >

Why not hunt for treasure, make a pirate ship or tie some knots on your Pirate themed camp with your group?

Pirate Themed Camp >

Great things happen in the outdoors and its there for everyone to enjoy. Why not try new challenge, make new friends, have amazing adventures, and learn new skills?

Outdoor Adventure Themed Camp >

Our collaboration with Disney will teach Squirrels valuable skills in confidence, kindness and courage.

Disney Themed Camp >
Nature and conservation

Learn about nature and conservation by hosting a camp focused on finding out about and looking after the world around us.

Nature and Conservation Themed Camp >

Go out of this world and try this space themed camp.

Space Themed Camp >